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Anteriad and LiveRamp Remove Barriers to Data-driven B2B Marketing

Posted January 7, 2021

Anteriad and LiveRamp Remove Barriers to Data-driven B2B Marketing

Posted January 7, 2021

Owning a pool of first-party data is just the beginning when it comes to data-driven B2B marketing.

You have to cross-reference and analyze that data with other sources to find actionable patterns and audience segments. To truly understand your market, you need a wider breadth of data than you can possibly hope to gather from just your own channels – that means integrating second- and third-party data into the mix. 

And then you have to onboard the resulting segments to your DSP, CRM and other transactional systems to actually do something with the insights you’ve gained.

Easier said than done.

Historically, incorporating third-party data into your martech stack has meant a lot of overhead. Data structures don’t match, and technical systems don’t talk to each other without some intervention by IT. And there’s always concerns about privacy and data governance when sharing consumers’ personal information.

Tackling data extract, transform, and load (ETL) on a case-by-case basis simply isn’t as easy as it sometimes sounds. Breaking down internal “data silos” is still one of the greatest challenges for B2B marketing and sales, and that’s for information your company actually owns.

So even though marketers can clearly see the value in incorporating third-party audience segments and intent data into their marketing programs, just getting the data where it needs to can create a real barrier to entry.

That’s where platforms like LiveRamp come in.

Partnership provides intent when and where you need it

Anteriad has partnered with LiveRamp, a leading data connectivity platform, to offer intent data intelligence and business contact segments in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. Marketers can purchase the quality data in the volumes they need, and then onboard it to their transactional or analytical systems via LiveRamp data connectivity.

Marketers can select Anteriad segments based on volume of contacts and level of intent data intelligence used to build the segment. Examples of how data is synchronized include:

Business Contacts: Verified business contacts, including demographic and firmographic details that match your ideal customer profile. We also can build custom segments to fill out the typical Buying Group models for your markets to support ABM and other advanced marketing methodologies.

Business Contacts + Intent: Our proprietary Anteriad Relevance Engine™ analyses and weighs billions of online purchase research signals – email clicks, whitepapaer downloads, webinar attendance – to find meaningful patterns that indicate real intent to buy. And our Identity Graph Triangulation™ matches these signals to individuals within in-market accounts to create a cohesive, omnichannel view of your hot prospects and market opportunities.

Intent themes: We can build custom segments that cross-reference our intent intelligence across related topics. You can track interest in your competitors and related products and create segments that help you touch your real total active market.

And all of this intelligence can be onboarded to your systems via LiveRamp’s data connectivity platform, which extends beyond the Data Marketplace. LiveRamp’s technology allows you to quickly connect and correlate both first-party and third-party data, from online and offline sources, under a shared governance and trust framework, obviating many of the issues that make data silos, even in-house, a continuing headache for marketers.

Privacy built in

LiveRamp is perhaps best known for its Unified ID technology, which I’ve mentioned previously as a possible road forward for programmatic display targeting on the “cookieless internet.”

Without digging too deeply into the details, LiveRamp cross-references personal identifiers in all the data it handles and maps them to a unique ID that is then used for segmentation and targeting. This Unified ID can then be used in any system without sharing personally identifiable information (PII), such as email address, with data partners.

In the case of our partnership, Anteriad sends email addresses in our data feed to LiveRamp, but those are stripped out after the selected business contacts are matched against the Unified ID database and packaged into subscriber’s segment feeds.

So, you can know that a HR manager at one of your named accounts is conducting purchase research, and consequently target that anonymous contact with programmatic advertising. Segments can be onboarded to your demand-side platform (DSP) or other transactional system via LiveRamp technology without the technical overhead barrier to entry that prevents so many marketers from expanding their data-driven practices.

And, just as important, you can rest assured that you’re in complete compliance with privacy regulations and best practices. We’re certainly committed to consumer privacy here at Anteriad, as are all the data partners in the marketplace. LiveRamp is selective about its partnerships, and the LiveRamp environment is built on governance that keeps data secure, both while at rest and in transit.

It all makes privacy a constant you don’t need to worry about.

Intent-driven programmatic lifts all your campaigns

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, LiveRamp is probably best known for its role as a leader in segmenting and targeting audiences for programmatic display. In fact, we work with LiveRamp in our own DisplayBase® programmatic service here at Anteriad.

Refining your display campaign targeting with intent data is absolutely one of the best ways to get more from your investment in the channel, and a great way to begin experimenting with intent as a foundation for all your revenue operations.

Using intent as the “tip of the spear” for programmatic display, you can smartly extend the reach of your high-funnel display campaigns beyond just the contacts and accounts that are already on your named lists. If an account is actively researching your category and more or less acts like your customers, then you should target it, even if it’s not a 100 percent match to your ideal persona.

Intent lets you cast a wider net across your probable market without just throwing away budget – display is relatively cheap, but it’s not free – and minimizes the risk of fatiguing the programmatic channel with a bunch of noise.

Further down the funnel, understanding how intent activity spikes and lulls indicate the purchase journey stage of your accounts and prospects helps you target programmatic campaigns to support and lift the other tactics, such as email drops and webinars, you have in play for those phases. Intent is key in message personalization that matches the right content to the right contact, at the right time, another value of data-driven marketing that everybody recognizes but few are able to execute on.

Data for every activity

With LiveRamp’s ability to onboard data, both from your internal stores and from third-party partners, you’ll be able to use contact segments from Anteriad for any number of analytical and transactional purposes.

Through contact enrichment and lookalike modeling, you can dramatically extend your audience reach. And the performance of your intent-enriched segments is powerful guidance for campaign measurement and projections. The applications are almost limitless, when you can access data in the systems that can make the best use of it.

Intent drives it all

Intent is at the heart of our business, from our lead generation programs to the Anteriad Marketing Cloud. Our customers are realizing the benefits, as well, and constantly look for new applications of this powerful marketing intelligence. So you can see why we are excited about our partnership with LiveRamp, which makes it easier for more B2B marketers to see the benefits for themselves.

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