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Time for a New Partner? How to Evaluate Content Syndication Providers

Posted May 14, 2021

Time for a New Partner? How to Evaluate Content Syndication Providers

Posted May 14, 2021

A good relationship with any partner, including content syndication providers, starts with good questions. Here’s what to ask to find the most suitable publishing partner for your B2B brand.

Who are their target audiences?

Answers to these questions determine if the publisher’s audience complements your target list:

  • Are audiences mainly composed of end users or management?
  • Have they developed personas representing their target audiences?
  • How closely do they align with your ideal buyer personas?
  • What stage of the sales cycle are targets at when visiting the publisher’s site?
  • Does the site have enough relevant traffic to warrant investing in a content syndication program?
  • Do your own due diligence by studying who visits the candidate’s site.

Although a 100 percent match between audiences and your prospect lists may not be realistic, determine if there’s enough overlap to make your content syndication strategy work.

Are they focused on intent-led services?

When evaluating any content syndication vendor, ask if they leverage intent data to make smart marketing decisions. Focus on intent-led services, One of the primary ingredients for success in B2B content syndication is intent data, so you’ll want a publishing partner who delivers quality leads based on intent.

Many B2B brands find that intent data more precisely targets in-market decision makers for content. By knowing what and where those prospects research, your information gets directed in a way that connects and converts.

How do you choose the partner who can offer such intent-led content syndication services? Narrow your list based on these considerations and qualifications, and you’ll end up in good hands.

How authentic is your content syndication partner?

An authentic content syndication vendor is a trusted partner for your business. Answers to these queries will steer you toward a reputable partner:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they an established service provider?
  • Do they understand your content syndication needs?
  • Do they have experience working with a brand like yours?
  • Is their service defined and consistent?
  • Have other customers had fruitful experiences with them?
  • How can they help you target the right audiences?

Building long-term relationships with publishing partners makes a B2B marketer’s job so much easier. Find a team to trust with your content assets, data and brand. Ask about data management practices and policies.

How will your leads be delivered?

Ask your B2B content syndication provider about their practices and capabilities.

  • Will they integrate with your existing marketing automation system?
  • Will they send leads via a .csv file?

Do they offer multi-channel syndication services?

Sharing content via multi-channel campaigns and tracking engagement helps B2B marketers follow a prospect’s purchase journey. Intent signals indicate stages like a top-of-funnel expedition or a close-to-purchase searcher.

It’s worth knowing what channels your content syndication provider offers. For instance, if your syndication partner leverages only email to promote your content, there won’t be any amplification and reach on other platforms like social media. (This practice applies to your internally developed content syndication campaigns as well.)

If you want the most reach possible, work directly with a multi-channel content syndication provider experienced in social media, email, telemarketing and PPC ads. Work with a team that knows how to surround prospects with your messaging.

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