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How Data-Driven Content Improves B2B Buyer Engagement

Posted August 18, 2021

How Data-Driven Content Improves B2B Buyer Engagement

Posted August 18, 2021

Some marketers say data-driven content is the next B2B big wave. We believe data-driven content is already mainstream. Either way, you can’t overstate its importance in the context of content marketing. A big part of the lead conversion process revolves around data, ensuring buyer engagement and a healthy pipeline. So data-driven content makes for a powerful combination.

So what content goals can marketers aim for to enhance the buyer journey?

  • Make the product or service more understandable: Capture the buyer’s attention with easy-to-understand and informative content. This keeps potential buyers on your site rather than losing them to competitors.
  • Delivering true value from the brand: Your content should engage customers and build relationships. You do so by sharing quality content, answering customer queries, and communicating often. Buyers are more likely to trust you and your products when you deliver value without expecting anything in return.

A data-driven marketing approach helps you accomplish these goals. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that without data-driven content, today’s marketers might never arrive at that moment of truth when a sale happens.

Frame Your B2B Content Ideas Around Data

Sitting with your team and brainstorming topics that may be irrelevant to the target audience won’t help your business. Use a data-driven marketing approach to discover what content they actually consume and how they interact with it.

Learning the buyer’s observed content behaviors may sound complex; however, it’s easier than ever with the right data by your side. Particularly, with intent data, you’ll know what content works best and is most effective for the target audience. It helps serve buyers in the way they prefer.

Intent Data to Deliver Prescriptive, Precise Content

Content marketers in today’s competitive b2b environment need to stay on top of prospect buying cycles and proactively address their needs. Intent data helps you by offering a window into the buyer’s mind. It tells you:

  • Which content drives prospects’ actions or reactions
  • What type of solution they’re currently seeking
  • Which competitor content they interact with

Armed with this information, you can reach people that are already in market and looking for content like yours.  

 Let Data Breathe Some Value into your Content

The benefits of data aren’t limited to the above set of points. They are limitless if used rightly. Therefore, blend content with data-driven perspectives as you embrace the agile mindset. Marketers who fuel their core content strategies with data will have a higher chance of converting leads.

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