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At B2BMX: How Honeywell Improved B2B Leads for Channel Partners

Posted February 15, 2021

At B2BMX: How Honeywell Improved B2B Leads for Channel Partners

Posted February 15, 2021

Who better than Tim Schneller to tell the story of how Honeywell improved B2B leads for their channel partners. Head of the company’s Global Channel Marketing, Tim is a both strategic and tactical leader in go-to-market strategies. He’s noted for empowering globally distributed teams and building trust across internal and external organizations. 

We’ve managed to capture some of Tim’s wisdom on several occasions. He was a guest on Season 1 of our Anteriad Accelerating Revenue videocast series. In “Bringing a Softer Approach to B2B Demand Generation,” his insight and advice for B2B sellers covered these topics and more:

  • How second lead syndrome is a good thing (because it means the lead represents more interest)
  • How to improve the sales cycle and drop off rate
  • How to overcome pipeline visibility issues with channel partners

He was also part of a high-caliber, interactive panel discussion at the Anteriad Summit. In the Summit session, he joined David Amaro of Salesforce to look at “Success in Depth: Activating the Journey to Accelerated Revenue.”

B2BMX Case Study: Intent-driven B2B Lead Gen Pilot

Next at B2BMX, Tim Schneller will take attendees through a pilot program Honeywell developed with intent data leader, Anteriad. Catch him in “Channel Partner Pipeline Pilot To Drive Incremental Business” February 22, 2:15-2:45 ET.

Honeywell and their channel partners work together to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to a variety of industries. The company needed a scalable solution to quickly package and supply quality leads to these partners. 

The normal B2B lead gen process involved touchpoints that ate up valuable time. As a result, leads sometimes lost value before they reached the channel. 

Improve Process to Get Intent-driven B2B Leads to Channel 

Teaming up with Anteriad, Honeywell launched the pilot to drive incremental leads from Marketing to Sales, while ensuring quality B2B leads were shared without redundancies. 

Tim’s long standing focus on sales, channel management, process excellence and operations drove pilot requirements. He brought further expertise in empowering distributed teams. The goal? Drive self-serve lead generation and responsive action for channel partners. 

When the channel is part of your revenue model, B2B lead distribution is more complex, and only effective processes keep the pipeline flowing. Channel self-service has become an appealing approach and the basis of the Honeywell pilot. 

Benefits of Streamlined, Data-driven B2B Lead Processes

The goal of the pilot was to prove they could scale incremental B2B leads with channel partners and close the loop quickly. The approach would streamline processes across channel partner networks and promised important benefits:

  • Self-serve lead generation for channel partners
  • Shorten sales cycle and reduce drop off rates
  • Overcome pipeline visibility issues with channel partners
  • Better process to manage number of leads by channel partner 

Goals Met: Data-driven Channel Lead Management

So how did they do? To date, Honeywell has seen notable results and identified opportunities to improve the flow and management of B2B leads. The normal journey takes between five to seven different touchpoints — this program shortened that cycle and improved conversion rates.

Working with Anteriad, Honeywell uses intent data patterns to identify and package B2B leads quickly and then send them to qualification teams. The pilot has also resulted in incremental business, more time with sellers, and a better process to manage leads per channel partner. 
As this pilot continues, more results and learnings come in every day. What metrics did they capture? (Hint: better than industry standard!) Was the program successful? As this pilot program continues, more results and learnings come in every day. You’ll have to catch Tim’s session at B2BMX to hear the full story.