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How Data As A Service (DaaS) Figures In Your Lead Generation

Posted March 28, 2017

How Data As A Service (DaaS) Figures In Your Lead Generation

Posted March 28, 2017

Without Big Data you are a solo yachtsman without a compass trying to navigate across an ocean of information. You know there are resources to help you sail full mast but without Data-as-a-Service you don’t have a map to find your bearings. What are the chances of your ideal prospect finding you in the vastness of the internet if you don’t have a flare to put up in the big sky? Big Data lead generation and prospecting points you in the right direction at the right time to connect with the right prospects.

Surfing Big Data Leads

It is no longer possible for a single organization to wrangle all of the relevant data from the various sources. The data ecosystem is just too big, too varied and constantly changing. Every day the amount of data we are creating is growing larger but Big Data is there to collect, store and analyze it for us. This Big Data is sourced from web mining, search information, social media, crowd sourcing, transactional business data, CRM and mobile.  Big Data offers tidal waves of potential leads to surf but only after a lot of filtering, sifting, cleansing, consolidating and validating. This requires too much time from your B2B Marketer or sales person. You want the data to be actionable without labor intensive man hours. You now have access to a sea of data but you don’t necessarily have a way to utilize it.

The DaaS Game Changer

You need to call up Big Data’s best mate, Data-as-a-Service. DaaS arrives and revolutionizes the game. Its skillful service approach harvests unique and Hard-to-Find (HTFD) data to deliver a constant stream of qualified leads. This is not list buying. The leads generated are highly customized, targeted marketing assets. These are real-time insights into the actual behaviors of prospects. DaaS gives you accurate knowledge to achieve sustainable and immediate revenue. There are no guessing games when you bring DaaS into the equation.

You now have targeted leads and your Sales team can take over from the B2B marketers armed with precise information about who to contact and what to offer them. The whole process of prospecting and scoring has been totally taken care of by the system. This system keeps generating new transactional data which gets fed back into the system which invigorates the process of repeat, cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

BDaaS Lovechild

But what happens when you marry Big Data with DaaS? You get the perfect lovechild: BDaaS –Big Data-as-a-Service. Its got the best of both parents and is ready to drive business growth in an entirely new way. We see a massive upscaling of the amount of data involved. Various Big Data functions are outsourced to the cloud to supply data. You could see BDaaS supplying analytical tools to use to interrogate the data in order to provide reports and in depth analysis. So you can now outsource or virtualize your analytics which will offer your organization untold advantages.

For example, BDaaS can take care of the upfront costs of storing and managing your information and relieves you of the investment of resources and time to keep it operational. Everything is set up for you, and you can just rent the use of their analytics engines. Compliance and data protection costs are covered by BDaaS providers. This new, fast growing market could see cloud-based IT spending increase from 15% to 31% by 2021. At that time the Big Data market will be worth $88 Billion and BDaaS could be as much as $30 billion.

5 Big Data Lead Generation Solutions?

How can Big Data solve your lead generation problems? Your actionable leads will convert to sales because Big Data solutions can:

  • Identify the most valuable prospects out of all of the internet noise
  • Create unique windows of opportunity to connect with potential customers
  • Prompts you with the exact thing to say or show when your window pops up in front of a prospect
  • Assist you with creating the right offer at the right time to engage your potential customer
  • Give you accurate indications in real-time to generate cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

You can now see what people actually ‘do’ online not just what they ‘say’ as they leave their cookie breadcrumbs for Big Data to follow.

BDaaS Has All of the Answers

The actionable insights gathered will propel your organizations’ marketing team to create campaigns that have personalized and relevant messaging for the prospect. You are also ensuring the most ethical lead generation best practice.

The BDaaS platform will help you determine the best marketing strategies by answering your most burning questions:

  • What sources deliver top conversion leads for your business?
  • What is the most effective marketing approach in social engagement?
  • What are currently the best digital automation processes that are converting leads?
  • Which marketing campaigns are poor performers?
  • What is your websites click through rate and how does it compare with the rest of the industry?
  • What are the least enticing areas of your website?

Visualizations That Come to Life

Most importantly BDaaS is not only a revenue amassing solution for data scientists but for all business people. It can make charts, graphs and visualizations come alive for people. It’s show, not tell. The process is clear and understandable so more companies are jumping on board to make use of this system that puts you ahead of the competition. It’s an almost immediate ROI enhancer especially when you start to witness the lead generation capabilities that quickly turn into soaring conversion rates.

With the InsightBASE® Intent Monitoring platform, you have a pivotal piece of data-based technology at your fingertips. It gives you the opportunity to receive prospect’s intent signals in near real-time so you can be the first to offer your product when prospects are ready to buy, close more deals and witness the sales acceleration phenomena up close. Contact one of our representatives to learn more.