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Can Intent Data Build Better Marketing Campaigns?

Posted March 21, 2016

Can Intent Data Build Better Marketing Campaigns?

Posted March 21, 2016

Why do you welcome some ads more than others? Odds are become some are just more meaningful and relevant.

And providing that kind of relevant marketing hinges on understanding the customer’s intent. What does the customer want now? What does the customer plans to do — now or in the future?

In a world spinning from the weight of ever increasing volumes and varieties of data, some data simply has greater potential for marketers: specifically, intent data, which allows marketers to better understand customers’ motivation and behavior.

By analyzing criteria like search terms, sites visited and information downloaded, marketers gain the ability to send more specific and strategic messages.

Growing Interest

Just yesterday, Anteriad, a data-driven marketing company, announced a partnership with Bombora, a B2B data provider. The goal is to collectively make intent data more accessible to marketers.

The thinking is that Bombora’s intent data will enhance the ability of Anteriad’s InsightBASE™ platform “to monitor and curate online behaviors to power the most efficient and effective B2B marketing campaigns.”

According to Shepherd Smith, VP of marketing at Anteriad, the company is determined to do a couple of things. For one, it wants to make it easier to understand and use the data — easy enough that even people without a technical background can do it.

Founded in 2008, Vienna, Virginia-based Anteriad uses data and technology to help marketers connect to their customers, especially with marketing campaigns and data insights. Its customers include IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

About 50 employees work in the US, with some operations based out of India, and staff as well in California’s Silicon Valley.

Bombora, based in New York City, collects intent data from a cooperative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute information on their audience, and Bombora offers back data on what companies are in the market for what products.

Three to four years ago, no one really used the term intent data. However, the information existed in different forms, Smith said.

“We’ve been in the business of distributing white papers. When intent data started becoming available, we focused on that … We realized it could become a product. It was only missing a user interface.”

Capitalizing on a Platform

Anteriad’s InsightBASE platform, launched Jan. 21, combines Intent Signals™ and contact data to tell marketers who and when to target with their messages. Users can log in and monitor keywords and companies, as well as filter a lot of other search criteria.