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Five Gifts for B2B Sellers: Five Videocasts about Buyer Engagement

Posted December 23, 2020

Five Gifts for B2B Sellers: Five Videocasts about Buyer Engagement

Posted December 23, 2020

Craving better B2B buyer engagement in 2021? Enjoy this selection from the Anteriad Accelerating Revenue library of videocasts. It’s been specially curated to bring B2B sellers some of the best thinking on buyer conversations and communications.

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Communicate with B2B Buyers: 4 Revenue Pros Share Buyer Engagement Advice

#1 Why Conversational Marketing Matters More Than Ever

Billy Bateman, ChatFunnels Co-Founder & VP of Operations | Host, Digital Conversations Podcast

Who hasn’t engaged with a chatbot? And who hasn’t deployed one on a website? Billy shares compelling reasons on why you should take a closer look at how your chatbot is performing. His team helps B2B brands with digital conversation optimization, not just with chatbots, but email and other automated engagement. What great ideas will you learn?

Learn how to use funnel bots to create engaging conversations and close more deals.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • What B2B companies are missing in conversational marketing
  • How chatbot and video integration engages your visitors
  • The secret to not masquerading a chatbot as a person 

#2 Cold Call Tips to Improve Prospect Conversations

Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales | Host of SDR Chronicles

How can sales reps prospect through all the digital noise? Who better to answer that question than a sales rep who is also a sales trainer. Morgan coaches teams on modern techniques that bolster pipeline, leverage social media, schedule net new accounts and cold call with confidence. And this year, he was our guest!

Hear Morgan’s fresh perspectives on cold calling and the importance of finding a genuine voice. 

Watch this episode to learn:

  • How to introduce yourself with a “PLA” cold call opener
  • Impact of the “Morgan Technique” on building customer rapport 
  • Types of feedback questions for sales call evaluation

#3 This Is Your Time – Sell as Yourself

Liz Wendling, Sales and Business Development Consultant | Author

For authentic sales strategies and modern selling skills, no one is more on point than coach, consultant and trainer, Liz Wendling. Find out why NOW is the time to reset lead conversion and update your virtual and face-to-face sales approaches. Liz shared insights and advice to help you create a predictable flow of amazing clients and income.

Learn the foundations of B2B selling, and understand how to let your personality shine through to customers.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • Why there’s not just one method for selling as yourself in the B2B space
  • How your language may hinder communication and why you might not gain customer interest 
  • Why creating an equal relationship between customer and seller changes your outcome

#4 To communicate with your customer, know your value

Marcus Cauchi, HyperGrowth Expert and Fractional CRO 

CEOs and channel leaders turn to Marcus Cauchi for the framework, strategy and tools to develop and sustain productive, mutually beneficial partnerships. With his help, disruptive technology founders build profitable global sales operations fast, without the wheels coming off. Catch this episode for immediate techniques to dramatically improve the quality of your prospecting.

Learn qualities an effective B2B seller should cultivate for increased genuine connections with customers. 

Watch this episode to learn:

  • How to change your customer relationships as a B2B seller to benefit the buyer’s process
  • Why more is not better; better is better in communication touch points with customers
  • Why B2B sellers will only perform to the level they see themselves at conceptually 

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