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5 Videocasts for Busy B2B Marketers

Posted February 11, 2021

5 Videocasts for Busy B2B Marketers

Posted February 11, 2021

B2B marketers can use a little extra inspiration as we dash through our days of to-do lists and fire drills. Browse this specially curated selection from our videocast library to find ideas and advice for stalled strategies. Save time by getting immediate value from these B2B experts.

Fresh Thinking for B2B Marketers

1 – How Video Transforms the B2B Marketing Experience

Angela Ferrante
Founder and CEO | Laudable

From rookie start-up CMO to founder of Laudable, Angela is the go-to for how to create authentic, engaging, custom-branded content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video. Her approach puts customers at the center of the story, and she explains how to leverage video for a better customer experience. You’ll never think about case studies, brochures and other business content in the same way.

Learn how to do good B2B video marketing in a noisy, digital world. Here are some of the topics Angela covers:

  • Starter tips for creating good B2B video content
  • How to repurpose any existing content into video
  • Why video storytelling today has an emotional component

2 – How Creative Content Wins Over B2B Audiences

Dan Knowlton
Knowlton Co-Founder & CMO | Co-Host Business Anchors Podcast

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Dan and his team create entertaining ads that sell stuff, and he wants other B2B marketers to enjoy the same results. As a keynote speaker and agency co-founder, Dan has proven chops in digital and social media marketing. Watch this podcast for some serious content marketing advice.

Learn how entertaining content helped Dan build his company and how to follow his creative ideology in your own B2B strategy. Watch to learn:

  • What B2B marketers can learn from creative strategies of B2C branding
  • Which metrics to consider while shifting towards creative marketing initiatives
  • Different affordable platforms to help businesses through the coronavirus pandemic  

3 – Why Conversational Marketing Matters More Than Ever

Billy Bateman
ChatFunnels Co-Founder & VP of Operations | Host, Digital Conversations Podcast

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Who hasn’t engaged with a chatbot? And who hasn’t deployed one on a website? Billy shares compelling reasons you should take a closer look at how your chatbot is performing. His team helps B2B brands with digital conversation optimization, not just with chatbots, but email and other automated engagement. 

Find out how to use funnel bots to create engaging conversations and close more deals. What other great ideas will you learn? These for starters:

  • What B2B companies are missing in conversational marketing
  • How chatbot and video integration engages your visitors
  • The secret to not masquerading a chatbot as a person 

4 – Importance of Creativity in B2B Marketing

Steve Gershik
Experienced B2B Chief Marketing Officer |Advisory Board Member – Sales Lead Management Association

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Many B2B marketers have heard Steve speak at SXSW Interactive, DMA, AMA, SiriusDecisions Summit, AdTech and other learning events. He’s consulted by technology startups, growth-stage firms needing revenue processes and publicly traded companies needing teams of modern marketers. No surprise then he’s one of the Top 50 Most Influential Leaders in Sales Lead Management. So get ready for creative thinking and practical ideas.

Learn how marketers can craft a customer-specific solution by embracing the creative approach. You get answers to questions like these:

  • What are critical selection factors for an innovative business idea
  • How to strengthen your brand presence throughout the company
  • Reasons why you lose a customer in the process of being creative

5 – Self-Service Content Engagement and the B2B Buyer Journey

Greg Dickinson
Chief Executive Officer | Omedym | Author “The Convenience Economy”

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Greg helps companies increase the watchability of their digital assets for self-service engagement. Self-service engagement means going from a traditional push model to a modern “consume” model through watchable assets. What a great way to deliver content! B2B buyers already consume content independently 24/7, and Greg explains how to analyze viewer interest and intent to better align with their journeys.

Learn how to boost customer experience with self-service digital content. Greg covers these and other important topics:

  • Digital roadblocks that cause you to lose customers to competitors
  • How self-service content helps you reach the buying team digitally
  • How to build self-service engagement with existing website content

Take Time for Inspiration

If you liked this selection of B2B marketing resources, you’ll find more in our Accelerating Revenue videocast series.