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4 Ways B2B Brands Use AI and Content Marketing

Posted March 13, 2021

4 Ways B2B Brands Use AI and Content Marketing

Posted March 13, 2021

AI and content marketing are proving to be the proverbial “match made in heaven.” Artificial intelligence has demonstrated enormous potential in how we create and use B2B content. For starters, think of all the tasks to be performed before even publishing a piece of content:

  • Keyword research
  • Trend analysis
  • Content writing
  • Personalization
  • Blog reviews 
  • Search engine optimization

Tasks like these add up to someone spending a massive amount of time on content creation. However, with the expansion of the digital world and technological growth, there’s no denying that AI has already begun transforming content marketing.

AI and Content Marketing: Game Changing Combination for B2B

B2B marketers turn to AI to improve results in these areas:

1 – Content Research and Focus

Smart B2B content marketers spend a lot of time researching good topics to work on. However, with the emergence of AI, you don’t have to fret about it so much. AI uses methods like predictive analytics to help marketers choose appropriate topics at each stage of the buyer journey.

For example, to achieve better keyword use, AI analyzes data resulting in detailed metrics like competitiveness and topic relevance. We’re all familiar with the keyword tools that collect and bring us information like this. Intent data also provides information AI can use to understand topics that resonate with B2B buyers. You’ll know if content is worth pursuing, or what kind of ROI you might expect.

With AI assistance, you can focus more on writing the content instead of researching and guessing about good topics.

2 – Smart Content Creation

AI scans your website, competitors’ pages, social media, YouTube, and other data sources to identify unique trends and patterns underway. This helps you generate personalized articles, blogs, videos and other content forms more likely to receive a higher engagement level.

Personalization goes a long way in the content marketing world. Instead of relying on the “ideal” B2B buyer persona or just old-fashioned guesswork, AI works with facts. AI models unique, relevant personas using variables like intent data, site interactions, context, behavior and location changes in real-time.

According to a CMO Survey, over half of B2B marketers already depend on some type of AI technology for content personalization. 

3 – Robust Content Automation

Natural language generation (NLG) is one branch of AI that has created quite a buzz when it comes to AI and content marketing. This type of AI-based solution offers real-time topic suggestions, letting you build targeted and personalized content with the help of a very smart collaborator.

NLG helps B2B content marketers in several ways:

  • Analyzes content and suggests alternatives matching brand personas. 
  • Creates content variations for different account types.
  • Helps content creators edit and review their pieces professionally. 
  • Recommends SEO strategies to build traffic-generating content.

4 – Swift Content Audit

With AI tools auditing your website content, you’ll quickly know which pages or content lack depth, and you’ll uncover specific ways to improve performance. Also, by learning which posts and articles contribute to better engagement and greater subscribers, you can spend time on creating those content types that are known to generate results.

In short, an AI content audit will tell you:

  • What topics does your website cover deeply?
  • Which topics need pages or additional content?
  • How to update suggested pages?
  • What is the quality and completeness of each page?

Analyzing existing blogs, landing pages and other online content to determine their performance consumes enormous time if done manually. However, by auditing content and building content profiles using AI, you can save time and work more effectively.

Content Marketing and AI – A Perfect Duo

With relentless competition for attention in the digital business space, and less time to generate relevant content, AI can be a game-changer for marketers. Steady adoption of AI-based methods has already helped many B2B brands push marketing to new levels. 

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