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4 ABM Tactics: How to Find Qualified Leads Sales Will Love

Posted January 23, 2021

4 ABM Tactics: How to Find Qualified Leads Sales Will Love

Posted January 23, 2021

As a B2B marketer, do you use account-based marketing tactics to fill your pipeline with qualified leads? A company’s financial well-being depends on a consistent flow of sales opportunities. No pressure, right? For many B2B revenue teams, Account-Based Marketing has proven to be the best path to qualified leads that Sales loves. 

Account-Based Marketing fundamentals aren’t that different from traditional, high-funnel demand generation practices. By year-end 2020, more than 80% of mid-to-large size B2B organizations had opted for ABM techniques such as multichannel content to target buyers, along with programmatic advertising and predictive lead scoring. These are familiar to B2B marketers of all stripes, but with ABM, it’s all about account targeting.

ABM differs in that there are more specific requirements for upfront account planning and prioritizing, and there may be different expectations of marketing-sales alignment. ABM teams also face these challenges:

  • Sourcing and keeping account data up to date
  • Focusing content on buyer challenges and interests
  • Customized, multichannel engagement
  • Continually optimizing strategies

Four Account-Based Marketing Tactics

To overcome challenges and sustain momentum, B2B marketers focus these four ABM tactics and practices:

1 – Let data lead the way.

Data has become the real differentiator in ABM. Always track your efforts and your competitors to ascertain what you’re doing right and what needs to be revamped. Use analytics and data to produce more personalized content to reach out better to the audience. Build metrics that make the most sense for your goals. ABM teams keep tabs on data through customer relationship management (CRM) software, analytics tools, and marketing automation software. Intent data can help you monitor behavior at both current customer accounts and your ABM prospects.

2 – Buyer-focused content marketing strategy.

Content strategy must have clearly defined goals that focus on meeting buyer needs. Create more customized content around problems and challenges for a personalized approach that buyers care about. Refine your strategy as per client journey stages, prioritized personas and storylines.

3 – Offer a variety of multichannel content.

Good content stimulates higher engagement, whether it’s an illuminating whitepaper, attention-grabbing video, or knowledgable blog post. But good B2B content doesn’t just demand good writing. It also needs a positive user experience according to channel and format.

4 – Pivot, improve and optimize.

Putting the best ABM practices in motion could create a turning point for your business growth. With data and the tools to analyze, view and activate it, B2B marketers stand a better chance of ABM success. This also means using the data to constantly optimize your program. Evaluate what ABM tactics worked best to deliver those sales-qualified leads and opportunities. Ad-libbing and experimenting should be an exciting, creative part of the process.

A well-planned, well-aligned ABM strategy between Sales and Marketing can produce a continuous stream of sales-qualified leads that lead to client conversions and a successful business. We’ve got more ABM resources for you in these articles: Best Account-Based Marketing Tactics to Boost Buyer Engagement and ABM Needs Powerful Insights and Tools to Act in Real Time.