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3 Ways AI Ramps Up Lead Conversion

Posted March 5, 2021

3 Ways AI Ramps Up Lead Conversion

Posted March 5, 2021

Artificial Intelligence in business is on a roll, and lead conversion is one of the beneficiaries. From digital voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, to articulate chatbots guiding engagement, and personalized online experiences, AI is accelerating revenue growth in the B2B domain. 

Automated outreach and engagement are in full swing, sparing marketers more time for crucial tasks like designing and analyzing campaigns. Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be the accelerant that fuels quality leads, stickier engagement and steady conversion.

How AI Boosts Lead Conversions

The data-driven future of B2B sales and marketing looks way brighter. The Gartner Future of Sales 2025 report points out that 60% of B2B organizations will transition to data-driven selling by 2025. B2B buyers already rely more on digital self-service channels, pushing back on or ignoring traditional sales models.

That’s okay. B2B marketers do have resources to deal with the change. AI lends a helping hand to boost conversion rates in a digital arena. Let’s dig into how.

1.   Get deep insights about leads and accounts:

AI identifies buyer preferences, demographics, logos, brand preferences, etc, by analyzing data about social media posts and online behavior. You can extract actionable insights and intelligence from a mass of unstructured data sets, but when it comes to actionable data, quality really scores higher than quantity. B2B marketers have to segment and distinguish leads carefully. While some leads are closer to conversion, other prospects might not be that eager to close the deal yet. AI can distinguish and categorize leads based on their convertibility. Generic messaging cuts no ice with changing buyer behavior. Clustering, AI-driven lead scoring, and contextual content lets you get deeper understanding on leads and accounts and drive meaningful outreach.

2. Hit “GO” with timesaving marketing automation:

From buying/selling online ad space to audience segmentation and identification; from real-time campaign optimization to content ideation, AI can practically do it all for you. You can target and retarget better, and get fast, accurate analytics and reports. With marketing automation, you can reduce repetitive, menial tasks. This technological prodigy analyzes buyer behavior and improves user experience to a great extent. But the final deal closing and long-term customer retention still lie in the hands of human B2B marketers and sellers. 

3. Optimum personalization and lead conversion:

Marketers have bid adieu to generic pitches and other traditional methods like cold calls. Coining personalized and relevant messages tailored as per the user is a more feasible option now than ever before. Bulk data is available to marketers via diverse touch points and cookies, but this practice is also coming under scrutiny. B2B brands are inclined towards centralized systems to harness data for personalization, away from siloed approaches. By this holistic approach, [known as account-based marketing in some formats], you can access ready data from a centralized source. You can accelerate conversion and build strong customer relationships and brand loyalty by offering personalized buyer experiences. After all, that’s what they’re looking for. It couldn’t be more clear.

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