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3 Ways AI Has Reshaped B2B Lead Generation

Posted March 20, 2021

3 Ways AI Has Reshaped B2B Lead Generation

Posted March 20, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a reliable addition to many B2B lead generation teams, and not a moment too soon. According to a survey, 61% of B2B marketers say lead gen is their most persistent pain point. Because of constant pressure of competition and the abundance of data, many brands still find it difficult to track, reach and engage with potential customers. 

AI has come along at the right time. Data-driven B2B marketers can reshape lead generation strategies with these three AI-enabled improvements:

1 – Lead Capturing

An AI-based lead generation solution works with large volumes of buyer data and extracts actionable intelligence and insights. It identifies patterns in customer preferences, interests, passions, and demographics. Using real-time information, AI allows you to analyze and use the right data for the most accurate and actionable insights.

2 – Lead Scoring and Qualification

Lead scoring is the process for ranking leads to determine their sales-readiness. AI in lead scoring methodology can help you rank leads and prioritize customers based on their past preferences, demographics, psychographics, channel and buying journey. It eliminates guesswork from the lead generation process. It targets the active accounts at the right place for a better conversion rate.

3 – Lead Nurturing

Without an understanding of how your brand, products and services solve their problems, prospects won’t sustain interest in your brand. AI offers an innovative solution for lead nurturing: the chatbot. It asks qualifying questions to prospects based on their requirements and educates them about your products, services, and businesses at a high level as they go along. Besides, it allows more time to convince your potential prospects to stick around and maybe download that eguide suggested by the chatbot. Chatbots can start relationships that convert into long-term customers and advocates.

Craft Artisanal Engagement with AI

As per a recent study, 85% of B2B buyers expect brands to personalize their first interaction. That puts massive pressure on B2B marketers to deliver highly personalized experiences. AI proves to be a game-changer in this scenario. 

These three AI-enabled capabilities help marketers act more precisely based on prospects’ intent, and craft content appropriately in the B2B lead generation funnel: 

  • Capture Data for Personalized Content
    For successful personalization, having the right data set is crucial. It gives accurate and actionable insights. Unfortunately, conventional contact forms aren’t always competent to perform this task. They can’t capture the complete information of prospects apart from specified fields. An AI-powered chatbot is a robust tool in this situation. It delivers a customizable conversation flow to prospects or visitors, understands their needs on a deeper level, and captures data effectively. You can feed those data into your CRM to extract actionable insights and intelligence and create personalized communication and relevant content.
  • Customer Segmentation with AI
    Gone are those days of generic groupings of customer segmentation based on the usual traits like geographic location. With all the data available plus constant change in buyers’ behavior, this limited approach needs a makeover. AI identifies prospects based on behavioral patterns, preferences, industry, roles, engagement level, and budget and then segments them accordingly. That way, AI allows you to communicate with similar groups of customers who share common goals and preferences, create a personalized journey for them, and build many long-lasting relationships.
  • Time It Right with AI:
    As every buyer is unique; their preferences, behavior and requirements are also distinctive. Some may like to receive messages in the early morning, some in the late afternoon. AI identifies when a prospect like yours is most likely to open messages using different metrics like reading time and click-through rates. With these insights, AI allows you to deliver relevant messages to prospects at their preferred time and create personalized B2B marketing experiences.

Take B2B Lead Generation to the Next Level

Recognizing the benefits, 71% of B2B marketers are interested in AI for personalization, and 25% already use AI at scale in their personalization efforts. Where do you stand? Join us on April 14 at the Spring Summit: Accelerating Revenue with Artificial Intelligence and take more steps on your AI journey.