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AI for Personalized B2B Marketing: 3 Ways to Start

Posted March 11, 2021

AI for Personalized B2B Marketing: 3 Ways to Start

Posted March 11, 2021

Personalized B2B marketing has become the burning need of many business brands, and it’s because buyers now assume you will engage that way. According to a recent survey, 85% of B2B buyers expect brands to personalize their first interaction. That puts massive pressure on B2B marketers to deliver highly personalized experiences to prospects and especially customers. The data is there; how to activate it is the game.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be the game changer in this situation. Combined with machine learning (ML) and other tactics, it helps marketers track troves of data more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it gives you the valuable insights that fuels quality leads, stickier engagement and steady conversion.

3 Ways to Personalize B2B Marketing Campaigns with AI

Given the popularity of events like the Anteriad Spring Summit around AI topics, the B2B community is interested in adopting AI technology for personalization. But the sad part is, only 12% are quite confident with their knowledge about AI. That can be fixed.

This article can be a quick guide for anyone wanting to become more “AI-aware.” Here, we look in-depth at how you (as B2B marketers) can extend use of AI in various ways to make B2B marketing campaigns more personalized.

#1. Capture Data with AI-powered Chatbots

For successful personalization, having the right data set is crucial for accurate and actionable insights. Unfortunately, conventional contact forms aren’t always competent to perform this task. They can’t capture the complete information of prospects apart from specified fields.

An AI-powered chatbot is a robust tool in this case. By delivering a customizable conversation flow, the AI chatbot understands prospect needs on a deeper level and captures data effectively. You can feed those data into your CRM to extract actionable insights and intelligence and create personalized communication. 

#2. Customer Segmentation with AI 

Customer segmentation – the process of categorizing customers based on similar characteristics – is an imperative to create personalized B2B marketing campaigns. It helps you understand your customers better and gives you a map for similar relationships.

Today, customer segmentation (generic groupings) is often based on usual traits like geographic location. With the abundance of data available and constant change in buyers’ behavior, this limited approach needs a makeover.

AI plays a prime role here. It identifies prospects based on behavioral patterns, preferences, industry, roles, engagement level and budget, and then segments them accordingly. That way, AI allows you to communicate with a similar group of customers who share common goals and preferences. Also, it helps you create a personalized journey for them and build long-lasting relationships.

#3. Time It Right with AI

Timing is a crucial factor that you shouldn’t overlook while creating a personalized B2B marketing campaign. As every buyer is unique, their preferences, behavior and requirements are also distinctive. Some may like to receive messages in the early morning, some in the late afternoon.

AI identifies when a prospect like yours is most likely to open messages, using different metrics like reading time and click-through rates. With these insights, AI allows you to deliver relevant messages to prospects at their preferred time and create personalized B2B marketing experiences.

Take an AI-based Approach to Personalized B2B Marketing

Now you have an understanding of how AI personalizes B2B marketing campaigns with tailored messages to drive long-term customer relationships, sales and revenue. We can help you learn more AI adoption and implementation in B2B marketing at our Summit: “Accelerating Revenue with Artificial Intelligence” on April 14. Register for the event to learn how to bring the power of AI into your business.