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6 Signs Leaders Need to Consider in Content Syndication

Posted May 26, 2021

6 Signs Leaders Need to Consider in Content Syndication

Posted May 26, 2021

Content syndication has a reputation as a proven technique for increasing website traffic, lead generation and bolstering brand awareness. When powered by spiking intent data, results have surged, creating significant lifts in click through rates, form fills and ultimately pipeline values and closure rates. All sizes of B2B organizations and brands have come to rely on intent-driven content syndication campaigns. Here are just six of the many reasons why.

Why B2B Brands Turn to Content Syndication

1.   Your Competitors Use Content Syndication

If your competitors actively distribute content online, you should, too. Don’t let buyers hear only your competition’s voice. How do others in your space apply content syndication? Get in the game by devising a more calculated strategy using intent data, and you’ll outperform them hands-down.

2.   Your Brand Remains Unknown in the Market

Content syndication offers an engaging way to both build brand awareness and provide a catalyst for sales people to initiate a meaningful conversation about your brand. Also, a strategically planned initiative powered by intent data can promote your company in places where your best prospects gather with others to investigate solutions like yours.  Your content may go places where your brand has never gone before.

An active online brand presence also benefits your buyers because:

  • They’re more confident about you as a partner, because your brand is showing up in online places they value and trust.
  • It provides a vehicle for them to engage in a conversation around a topic they’re interested in learning more about.
  • Buyers assume active brands are more trustworthy and produce reliable solutions.

3.   Lack of New Leads

Just a trickle of engagement is a sign your content marketing might be lacking, and content syndication could be the spark that fires up your pipeline. Distributing quality content that readers find valuable encourages social shares (brand value) and attracts new prospects. To attract more and better quality leads, make sure your content addresses specific issues of interest to those actively expressing intent around topics related to your solution. Publishing useful, educational content to an intent-driven audience distinguishes your brand and generates leads that are actively engaged in a buying cycle.

4.   Your Brand Lacks Authority

Did you know that millions of blog posts are published each day? Yet, most remain unread. Just as many articles and other content are also released. B2B brands struggle just to break out of the ocean of digital content, much less establish thought leadership.

Content syndication helps build authority in your niche. Use these tips to build a quality content journey that adds to your brand authority:

  • To start, research buyers’ topic interests and use intent data to effectively target.
  • Identify the buying group associated with the category of products you’re promoting.
  • Align those topics to a content funnel as well as to individual roles associated with the buying group.
  • Support content performance with data-backed evidence.
  • Syndicate content on relevant, high-domain quality sites.

5.   Your Website Doesn’t Get Enough Traffic

Syndicate your content if your website traffic isn’t impressive. Content syndication platforms distribute content across a broad spectrum of potential customers, while still allowing targeting. But again, the content you publish must be useful and relevant. You may distribute frequently on syndication networks, but readers won’t follow the links to your site if your content isn’t engaging to them. Offer a useful piece that makes them click. If you’re on the right track, your content trail will eventually lead in-market buyers to your website.

6.   Have No Budget for Content Promotion

Good content doesn’t come easy. And if you aren’t working just as hard in promoting it as you did creating it, you’ll end up with little reward. If your budget is strapped, consider testing free sites; however, be mindful in protecting your brand. Also, closely evaluate the site for the right targeting and set your expectations accordingly. Even slight increases in traffic can bring in more potential customers.

Or start with a pilot content syndication program. Many options are available. For content targeting precision, pick syndication sites that leverage intent data. Your budget goes further, because activities are focused on the most quality audiences.

Intent signals reveal:

  • Which accounts are actively seeking your product?
  • Which content is most likely to resonate with them?

Even with limited resources, B2B brands find they can deliver better prospect experiences with an intent-powered content syndication strategy.

Where to Go Next with Content Syndication?

If you’ve decided to hop on the content syndication bandwagon, the next stop is a look at syndication networks. Here’s a blog that can help: “Time for a New Partner? How to Evaluate Content Syndication Venders.”