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3 Ways AI Inspires B2B Customer Experience

Posted March 21, 2021

3 Ways AI Inspires B2B Customer Experience

Posted March 21, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been in use across different industries for a while, and we’re seeing real examples of how it improves B2B customer experience. From collecting buyer behavior data to processing leads for marketing to HR onboarding, AI provides unmatched power in terms of saving time and money for B2B marketers. Customer experience (CX) is one area where AI demonstrates clear value.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Improve B2B Customer Experience?

Customer experience outcomes can be hard to quantify, but some metrics are available from online conversations, reputation management, review sites and more. Measuring customer experience gives marketers valuable data that is dynamic and contextual. 

Such a volume of information as we have today can be challenging to manage, protect and understand. AI plows through these tasks, once humans provide algorithms, premium data and other tools AI needs to do its work. Thus prepared, AI leverages all kinds of data, and brands can step up CX strategies, automate routine workflow, and analyze results. With AI-driven analysis and organizations better understand customer opinions, feelings and preferences. Nothing is more important to delivering excellent customer service. 

3 Ways to Transform Customer Experience with an AI Engine

Are you among the B2B marketers who already use AI in CX? You may be in that group and not realize it. There are many combinations of algorithms, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and other capabilities at work every day performing mission-critical CX tasks like these:

1 – Personalization 

In B2B marketing today, it’s necessary to cut through the noise to deliver a personalized message with relevant information. Content personalization has become an essential part of customer experience. Businesses need to predict customer behavior patterns and requirements, and tailor engagement according to their preference. This will enhance customer engagement and amplify customer experience.

AI uses personal data to dig deeper into individuals’ behavior and purchase patterns to perform predictive analysis and drive more engagement. AI helps you identify customer pain points, and recognize touchpoints that influence the most and develop a strategy to enhance customer experience.

2 – Data Analytics

Organizations accumulate and stack enormous volumes of data through digital activities and customer interactions. These need to be organized and mined to drive valuable insights. A 360° view of customer journeys and interactions from various channels is required for efficient customer management. Data obtained from customer interactions such as customer feedback, service requests, and interaction duration can be used to improve customer experience.

Daunting tasks like extracting data, filtering quality leads, and processing can be done quicker with AI data-unification tools. By analyzing customer engagement history, AI tools help predict interaction context and incorporate it. Businesses are learning to manage customer data  from different sources better by blending new and existing data to derive valuable insights with accuracy.

3 – Productivity

Customer experience means providing quick, hassle-free  interactions and resolutions to add more value to customer’s’ lives. AI helps you serve better in terms of its simplicity and efficiency.

When everyday processes are automated, it increases operational efficiency and customer support productivity. Customer support can understand better by implementing cognitive computing. It helps analyze and accelerate decision making with intelligent support and guidance for consistent delivery. 

Engage with AI to Engage with Buyers

An evolving AI strategy manifests endless possibilities:

  • Blending customer data and AI for refined journey analytics 
  • Simplifying customer experience to make it easier on brands and buyers
  • Relevant information with personalized touch for stickier engagement

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, as its powers are already in high demand in B2B lead generation, and really AI is just getting started. Businesses are discovering the impact of AI-driven tools can have on remarkable customer experience. 

Keep Learning! Customer Experience Is Never Done

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