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Leadership Team

We have more than 500 global team members who use our leading data and technology assets to deliver human know-how and deep B2B expertise. Get to know our leaders:

  • Rob Sanchez

    Rob Sanchez

    Chief Executive Officer

  • RK Maniyani

    RK Maniyani

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jim Ogle

    Jim Ogle

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lynn Tornabene

    Lynn Tornabene

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Todd Love

    Todd Love

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Heather Buxton

    Heather Buxton

    Chief People Officer

  • Peter Larkin

    Peter Larkin

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Craig Weiss

    Craig Weiss

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Karie Burt

    Karie Burt

    Chief Data and Privacy Officer

  • Ken Lordy

    Ken Lordy

    Chief Product Officer

  • Ray Estevez

    Ray Estevez

    Chief Information Officer

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