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AnteriadSep 28, 2023 12:45:54 PM2 min read

Anteriad Places in Top 10 Data Providers in Neutronian’s Q3 Data Privacy Scores 2023

Third Straight Top 1% Ranking Highlights 
Anteriad’s Data Quality and Transparency for B2B Marketers

Rye Brook, NY (September 28, 2023) —  Anteriad today announced that the company placed in the top ten providers reviewed in Neutronian’s Q3 2023 Data Privacy Scores report. The Data Privacy Scores (DPS) review publicly available data to provide marketers with a summary view of data quality indicators that may guide their data investment decisions across martech, ad-tech, social, data, analytics, and other marketing provider categories. This is the third report that places Anteriad at the very highest level of data privacy quality.

“Anteriad has consistently proven to be a data privacy leader. Our Q3 report has again placed them in the top ten of all providers in our report which shows their commitment to data quality and transparency,” said Lisa Abousaleh Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder at Neutronian.  

Neutronian’s DPS report provides verification and ranking of companies and domains based on data privacy and establishes a standard for data privacy verification that provides this transparency and allows organizations to evaluate partners more effectively. Anteriad’s score in the Q3 report continues its ranking in the top ten, showing its continued commitment to quality transparency and quality through a combination of compliance, best practices, and innovation. 

“Neutronian has emerged as the leading organization in data quality reporting. Their approach to reviewing data providers gives B2B marketers a valuable guide for selecting partners based on their data quality and transparency,” said Karie Burt, Chief Data and Privacy Officer at Anteriad. “Data is core to our offering and we are committed to delivering the best available on the market. Having Neutronian validate our approach for another quarter shows that we not only have a foundation of best practices, but we evolve to stay ahead of the market.” 

About Neutronian Data Privacy Scores

Neutronian Data Privacy Scores (DPS) provide verification and ranking of companies and domains based on an assessment of data privacy. With an increasing number of high-profile privacy fines and lawsuits, it is clear that more transparency is needed across the marketing ecosystem. Neutronian’s Data Privacy Scores establish a standard for data privacy verification that provides this transparency and allows organizations to evaluate partners more effectively. Learn more here: 

 About Anteriad

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