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Quick Start Guide to Intent-Based Marketing

Since the beginning of B2B marketing as we know it, marketers have struggled with the question of how to get in front of the right prospects at the precise moment they’re ready to buy. For decades, the only solution was to use firmographic data (company size, industry, geographic footprint, etc.) which unfortunately offered no insights into whether the target would be ready to buy today, next quarter, next year,… or ever. Things improved somewhat when technographic data came on the scene. By finding out which tools, technologies, and applications a company used, marketers could gain deeper insights into what they buy, how they operate, and what they might be looking to do next. Technographics offered more advanced clues as to which businesses might be a good fit, but still gave no intelligence regarding where targets might be in the buyer’s journey. Then along came predictive analytics, providing further improvement by predicting buying activity based on past experience through the use of algorithms and mathematical models.