Intelligence + Analytics

Successful marketing begins with an understanding of the customer. We drive better decision making by using advanced analytics and data science to power B2B and drive business growth

Organize, communicate, and drive results.

To stay ahead of emerging trends and get the most out of your marketing investments, you must be able to understand insights and act on them.

With Anteriad, you gain access to data and analytics not available to typical agencies—including intent data based on audience and demographic attributes—as well as analysts to help you use this data to optimize campaign performance and maximize ROI.

We help you:

  • Organize 1st and 3rd party data, leveraging world-class B2B database expertise.
  • Communicate with the right audiences at the right time in the channel they prefer.
  • Understand the past and stay ahead of trends, using hundreds of out-of-the-box BI views (in your visualization platform of choice).
  • Achieve scale efficiently, by understanding which parts of your marketing mix drive results.

Data Management

  • Identity Resolution
  • Integrate, Centralize + Manage Your Marketing Data
  • Centralize Contact Preference Management
  • Create the Single Source of Truth


  • General Business Dashboard
  • Existing Customer Cohort Analyses Marketing Data
  • New Customer Cohort Analyses
  • Marketing Effectiveness Analyses

Predictive Analytics

  • Custom Models
  • Customer Response
  • Cross Sell + Up Sell
  • Next Logical Product
  • Cluster + Alpha

Attribution Strategy

  • Multi-Channel Matchbacks
  • Controlled Holdout Testing
  • Geo-Burst Testing
  • Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

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