+ Activation

Build precise audiences for activation through leading digital platforms and marketing tactics. We offer limitless selections and alternatives with unmatched global scale to meet the needs of your next campaign.

Prioritize accounts and optimize results.

Our proprietary data combines with your CRM data, so you can uncover which accounts need immediate engagement.

We begin audience identification with firmographic and demographic data, and then we layer on intent. With this powerful combination, you quickly and accurately find the audience that is not only right for your product but is in the market for it.

Then, use our activation capabilities to drive brand awareness and engagement across multiple digital touchpoints, and bring your audience to action.

New Customer Acquisition

Leverage leading B2B data coverage, contact and site level intent, and transactional behavior to customize a solution that helps your marketers meet specific lead generation goals.

Site Penetration + Reactivation

Help your team capitalize on opportunities to gain maximum value from existing customer sites. We use proprietary modeling data to score customer sites and rank their value for reactivation.

Integrated Communication Strategy

Enable marketers to reach customers and prospects with a consistent message across channels via strategic planning, design, and cadence.

Persona Development

Derive the most impactful personas in a customer journey. Buyer personas are critical to driving content creation, product development, and sales follow up.

Customer Retention

Utilize experienced teams and sophisticated tools to explore ways to develop more demand from sites with the highest potential. Increase customer LTV, drive repeat purchases, and build a network of loyal customers.

Identity Resolution Triangulation

Achieve a broader, more accurate view of your prospects and customers. Our solutions encompass:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Ideal Customer Profile Development
  • Multichannel Activation
  • Email Marketing
  • Targeted Display
  • Digital Execution

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