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Recognizing The Elements of B2B Marketing Success

Anteriad helps B2B marketers recognize winning approaches to get them out in front faster. For Gigamon, we recognized that to hit their lofty ABM goals, they needed to collect more information about their prospects. We set up a program to create custom multi-channel audiences that set the stage for highly effective marketing campaigns. As a result, they reduced their cost per lead by 80% and increased new leads by 90%.

One key to recognizing what works is knowledge, and we believe that the more our customers know, the better they’ll perform.

  • Our Chief Data and Privacy Officer Karie Burt shares insight about the evolution of privacy in the digital landscape. Far from being a limitation, Karie shares how privacy best practices are not only a requirement, but they can also drive higher quality data and, better performance. Recognizing that something difficult can become a competitive advantage is the key to differentiated success. Learn more.
  • Scott Tinkoff, our SVP Strategy, has an informative podcast about creating a marketing strategy for the modern marketing landscape. With so many B2B buyers moving to online and self-service channels, marketers need different data, tech and skills in their arsenal. Learn more.

In the spirit of recognition, I’m incredibly proud of our team for being recognized recently. For the second year in a row, we’ve won a Sammy Award for Product of the Year. We think the Anteriad Marketing Cloud provides an incredible data advantage to our customers and our services team, and we’re thrilled to get validation from this prestigious award. We’ve also been recognized in the new Forrester research report, “The B2B Revenue Marketing Landscape, Q2 2023.” Anteriad is cited as supporting the extended use cases of a 360-degree view of the customer, opportunity insights and customer insights.

We’re always focused on ways to help customers reach their goals and get in front of their next customers faster from data and technology to thought leadership and service. I’m happy to recognize our entire team for that. If you’re interested in working with us, I welcome the connection.