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AnteriadJuly 21, 20213 min read

Integrated Media? An Achievable Goal with Programmatic Services

Too many hats and not enough heads to run a more effective integrated media strategy? Even if your team is small or inexperienced, that’s no excuse to ignore programmatic advertising, especially given the value it brings to integrated B2B campaigns.

Programmatic advertising is a valuable addition to any toolkit, but not every team is set up to take advantage of it. Guess what? That's not really a problem. If you struggle to bring programmatic display into your strategy, programmatic managed services might be the piece your integrated media campaigns are missing.

Targeted. Optimized. Protected. Integrated.

The outcome of programmatic display advertising through managed services like DisplayBase is intelligently targeted, optimized digital media that engages audiences. Look for a partner with a dedicated customer success team to select and apply the most appropriate programmatic media for your objectives.

A qualified programmatic managed services partner brings value to integrated media and helps you understand:

  • What programmatic managed services look like
  • Where programmatic fits in your omni-channel marketing approach
  • Where it makes sense to apply specific targeting strategies
  • How to rethink ABM and engage the right buying groups
  • How to translate a marketing objective into tangible tactics
  • How to use programmatic for maximum brand impact

Programmatic Display for Tandem Coverage

Unlike other demand generation tactics, programmatic display is most effective when positioned alongside other digital media targeted to the same audience. Think of display ads as strategically placed billboards on web pages, blogs and syndicated content, as well as online articles and destinations where customers and prospects gather. It’s an ideal addition to an integrated media strategy.

Although many members of a particular audience will be exposed to a placement, few will individually act upon it. That’s to be expected because programmatic impact is usually a supportive role. Programmatic display is not typically deployed as a standalone effort. Instead, it amplifies a message among a larger audience of relevant prospects and customers.

Compare Programmatic Analytics: Robust or Average?

Analyzing the performance of programmatic display is one of the unique competencies a strong partner brings to the table. Otherwise, how can you understand the effectiveness of the effort and your investment?

Although an enormous amount of data must be observed to tease out the nuances of media performance, most programmatic practitioners review a handful of standard metrics to gauge basic performance:

Account-Level Reporting for Impactful Insights

Ongoing developments and innovation in programmatic analytics have led to advanced account-level reporting. Analytics can attribute impressions as well as any actions taken, such as a click-thru or form-fill. Account-based marketing (ABM) teams gain visibility and attribution, with the knowledge of how various roles in an account have engaged with programmatic content. Think of it as confirmation that members of the C-suite as well as VPs, directors or managers within a specific domain have been exposed to specific messaging.

Integrated B2B Media - Closer than You Think

Keep the following objectives in mind when layering programmatic into your overall

integrated digital media strategy. To recap, these are four tactical goals B2B teams typically have for programmatic strategies:

  • Integrating as part of an omni-channel marketing approach
  • Focus on brand recognition as desired result, not solely lead generation
  • Aligned with similarly timed media to increase responsiveness across channels
  • Surround total addressable market to amplify messaging to broader communities

You’ll want to discuss these when you take on a managed services partner. Creating a common language and understanding around programmatic delivery removes the complexity around selecting the right tactic and partner to drive your desired results.

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