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AnteriadSeptember 28, 20213 min read

3 Ways To Drive Programmatic Ad Performance With Intent Data

Ever wonder why your programmatic campaigns aren’t performing? You can buy the best ad space at the best price and still might not taste success. One of the top reasons display ads fail to convert is "poor targeting." 

Good news: Intent data can help influence your targeting tactics and drive better engagements. Often, understanding what your target audience’s interests are, is the key.

Global content consumption doubled in 2020 and this shift isn’t going away anytime soon. As organizations embrace the power of programmatic display, they need help to make every dollar count, and concentrate marketing efforts to get the right attention. Intent data can offer that help.

Two indicators your ads aren’t performing 

  1. You are not getting the desired response
  2. Higher webpage visits, but poor conversions

Shoot for Maximum Engagement

Grabbing attention isn’t solely about creating great content. It’s about delivering that content to the right person, at the right time, in the right place 

People engage with ads when they relate to them. Consider this consumer example: if an ad for shoes for women is displayed to men, the chances the ad will get clicked goes down to 20%. But, if that same ad is shown to women, engagement is likely to go up to 80%. 

Same goes for B2B; you need to make sure you are targeting personas who have interest in your product/solution/service. Accurate Targeting ensures your content finds relevance with your target not just once, or twice, but every time.

Here’s 3 ways you can use intent data to drive programmatic ads performance

Audience targetingSelect the right demography 

Experts estimate people are exposed to 4,000 to 10000 ads daily, but do all of them have a clear message which really connects with them? The answer is ‘No.’ Companies need to set the right tone for their marketing campaigns. For that, they need to establish their target audience

What you offer isn’t for everyone. Find your ideal market. Everyone wants better conversions and great ROI. Targeting the right demographics with the right message does that for you. 

What about account size? Is your database too small? Leverage your already existing target account lists, and use intent data to find lookalike accounts to create a deeper, more addressable market.

What about an in-market audience? Filter your in-market audience using intent signals. You can then target prospects who are actively looking for topics or solutions similar to your offerings. 

With the right audience, your programmatic ads will see higher engagement.

Interest targeting - Address topics your prospects will be interested in

Everybody sees the world through a different lens. As marketers, you need to gather data that helps you view the world through your buyers’ perspective.

Engaging on a meaningful level requires effort, and intent data provides help with:

  • Reaching out to prospective customers before they contact you
  • Optimizing messaging based on content consumption

Imagine prospects who are in the decision-making phase and about to make a purchase. They might be comparing your offerings with your competitors. At this moment, emailing a case study or a customer testimony will highly increase conversion probabilities.

Invest in third-party intent data. Create ad copies relevant to your audience and buy ad spaces  with the highest conversion rates. 

With intent data, you become more prompt. You don’t waste time waiting for your customer to come to you, you understand their need, and go to them with help. 

Timing - Strike when it’s hot

That marketing call to prospects when they are having a day off or during busy after-hours will never help close. 

Meet prospects where they are, and when they choose to consume. Intent can help you reach at the right time. 

A marketer needs to be empathic and timely while approaching their customers. Tony at work is different from Tony on a Sunday. Keep that in mind when setting your programmatic ad campaign strategy. 

It’s all about knowing your prospect’s buying intent before attempting to reach them!