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AnteriadJun 15, 2021 12:00:01 AM2 min read

True Influence Now Offers 80 Million Verified Contacts to B2B Marketers

Company built Identity Graph Triangulation® capability utilizing first-party behavioral data

PRINCETON, N.J., June 15, 2021 – True Influence, powered by MeritB2B, the technology leader of data-driven sales and marketing solutions, today announced the availability of its domestic and international contact data to B2B marketers. The company is now providing users access to quality, accurate contact data that was previously only available through True Influence’s managed services, allowing customers to build their own targeted audiences for more successful campaigns.

The company is now offering 80 million verified professional contacts in its True Influence Marketing Cloud™.  This allows customers to extend the value of their True Influence campaigns by supplementing the leads delivered with additional intent-driven contacts at similarly targeted companies.

True Influence uses proprietary algorithms to produce the highest quality contacts, so only real, active B2B contact records are delivered. It starts with an Identity Graph Triangulation® where individual contact records are matched to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of an individual. These records are then enhanced by the True Influence Relevance Engine®, where advanced analytics using natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence examine behaviors that identify billions of intent signals to get a clear picture of individual and organizational intent to purchase.  Marketers can now visualize their total addressable market (TAM) for specific products and solutions.

Providing access to True Influence’s contact data allows customers to build intent-driven audiences and activate them across their AdTech channels by overlaying first-party data and ABM audiences, as well as prioritize them based on spiking intent.

Contact data through the True Influence Marketing Cloud allows users to segment and target specific audiences based on topical interest, buying group coverage, and extensive firmographic and demographic filters. This includes segmenting based on job function, level (director and above), and industry, allowing for highly targeted campaigns that increase chances for success.

About True Influence

True Influence is the pioneer in the identification, processing, and delivery of relevant buyer intent signals in the B2B marketplace. Their proprietary approach to identity resolution and intent signal analysis is unique in that they collect and catalog decision-makers’ content consumption behaviors across the internet. They expertly leverage data, technology, and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns to help their customers win new business. True Influence generates revenue across multiple industries, promoting brands and products from successful global companies including industry leading enterprise technology brands.  For more information visit True Influence at