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AnteriadMar 4, 2020 12:00:54 AM2 min read

True Influence Announces Record Year for Growth and Revenue Milestones. Company Expands Customer Advisory Committee

True Influence ends 2019 with 25 consecutive profitable quarters and international revenue growth of 111 percent over 2018

PRINCETON, NJ, March 4, 2020 – True Influence, powered by MeritB2B, the technology leader of intent-based marketing, sales and demand generation solutions, today announced substantial financial and growth milestones realized both in the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, the company has expanded its Customer Advisory Committee to broaden the specialized knowledge and perspective they provide to True Influence.

In 2019, True Influence succeeded in showing continued growth and financial accomplishments. Key highlights from this year include:

  • Increased year-over-year revenue in 2019 by 31 percent from 2018.
  • Accomplished 25 consecutive quarters of profitability.
  • Saw a 39 percent increase in gross profit.
  • Added 143 new customers during 2019, with 20 customers more than doubling their True Influence purchases over 2018.
  • Experienced a 111 percent international revenue growth over 2018.

To support the growth and milestones achieved, True Influence made significant enhancements to its solutions in 2019, including:

  • Created the True Influence Marketing Cloud to enable customers to see their demand generation and sales efforts within an integrated marketing platform.
    • Includes data, platform components and True Influence solutions.
    • Platform features five technical modules – Identity Graph Triangulation™, True Influence Relevance Engine®; TripleCheck® contact record verification, bi-directional cloud integration into MAPs and CRMs; and Software-as-a-Service.
    • Includes True Influence IntentBase®, DisplayBase®, ActiveBase®, PersonaBase®, AppointmentBase®, and InsightBase®.
  • Developed the True Influence Identify Graph Triangulation™ creating an intent contact graph that includes the touchpoints of physical, web/browser, email, e-commerce, device ID’s and mobile telephone numbers, social media, name, email address and social handle, and transactional – customer ID.
  • Upgraded True Influence Relevance Engine® with more advanced analytics to include Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

True Influence Customer Advisory Committee

The True Influence Customer Advisory Committee is a collection of True Influence customers who bring knowledge and skills in the digital demand market, strengthening the knowledge of the True Influence team. The Advisory Committee serves to make recommendations and provide key information and materials by identifying overall industry trends, identifying solution needs, assisting in the identification of new solution requirements and recommendations, Beta testing new solutions, providing case studies, identifying solution needs, and reviewing market messaging.

The Customer Advisory Committee members are from the following companies:

  • Adobe
  • Imprivata
  • Charter Spectrum
  • SAP
  • Rabinovici Agency
  • NEC
  • OpenText
  • Delphix
  • The Channel Company
  • MRM McCann Agency
  • SAS
  • Everise

About True Influence

True Influence is the pioneer in the identification, processing, and delivery of relevant buyer intent signals in the B2B marketplace. Their proprietary approach to identity resolution and intent signal analysis is unique in that they collect and catalog decision-makers’ content consumption behaviors across the internet. They expertly leverage data, technology, and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns to help their customers win new business. True Influence generates revenue across multiple industries, promoting brands and products from successful global companies including industry leading enterprise technology brands.  For more information visit True Influence at