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AnteriadDec 17, 2020 12:00:32 AM2 min read

Domo and True Influence Showcase Data-Driven Decision Making

SILICON SLOPES, UtahDecember 17, 2020Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced today that True Influence, powered by MeritB2B, a technology leader of intent-based sales and marketing solutions, has chosen Domo’s cloud-based platform as a single source of accuracy for internal decision making, enabling all departments to better understand and take action on insights from across the business.

True Influence specializes in intent data used to identify and engage with B2B prospects across numerous industries. The company created intent monitoring technology, an entirely new category that dramatically expands the reach, scope and relevance of behavioral data, which has become critical in 2020 to help marketing and sales teams more accurately target prospects.

Domo, which gives companies BI leverage at cloud-scale in record time, has more than 1,000 pre-built connectors and enables True Influence to get the right data into the hands of all of its stakeholders quickly, easily and securely.

“Actionable data in the hands of business decision makers that drives curiosity proves to be one of the most important assets in 2020. We’re delighted that Domo has helped True Influence make sense of its incredibly complex and extensive data sources to drive their business forward,” said Domo’s CRO, Ian Tickle. “In the middle of a worldwide health and economic crisis, data insights become even more critical and companies need a solution that is flexible to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.”

To learn more about how Domo is helping organizations like True Influence transform their business with data, visit Domo’s customer page.

About True Influence

True Influence is the pioneer in the identification, processing, and delivery of relevant buyer intent signals in the B2B marketplace. Their proprietary approach to identity resolution and intent signal analysis is unique in that they collect and catalog decision-makers’ content consumption behaviors across the internet. They expertly leverage data, technology, and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns to help their customers win new business. True Influence generates revenue across multiple industries, promoting brands and products from successful global companies including industry leading enterprise technology brands.  For more information visit True Influence at

About Domo

Domo is the Business Cloud, empowering organizations of all sizes with BI leverage at cloud scale, in record time. With Domo, BI-critical processes that took weeks, months or more can now be done on-the-fly, in minutes or seconds, at unbelievable scale. For more information about how Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) helps its customers go fast, go big and go bold, visit You can also follow Domo on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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