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AnteriadApr 10, 2024 10:15:20 AM3 min read

Anteriad Shares Top Honors in Neutronian’s 2024 Q1 AI-Enhanced Data Privacy Scores

Anteriad’s Continued Commitment to the Highest Standard for Privacy Best Practices, Data Quality and Transparency for B2B Marketers Sets a New Bar for the Market 

Rye Brook, NY (April 10, 2024)Anteriad today announced that the company has tied for the top rank, in Neutronian’s 2024 Q1 Data Privacy Scores report, increasing their score from the 2023, Q4 report. The report from Neutronian offers businesses a critical perspective on industry-wide data practices, highlighting the growing significance of data privacy for companies, regardless of size, in 2024 and into the future. As laws and regulations evolve, they reveal problems with unclear data collection and use, posing challenges for companies trying to stay compliant. 

Neutronian, a leader in data privacy verification, has launched AI-enhanced Data Privacy Scores and partnered with Proximic by Comscore. This move significantly advances the field, allowing brands and agencies to make proactive, privacy-led advertising decisions and better mitigate privacy risk. 

With its AI-driven scoring system, Neutronian sets new benchmarks for privacy and compliance. The improved methodology and broader publisher reach enables privacy-focused inventory management and campaign optimization, akin to established brand safety practices. This enhanced dataset supports the ability to make advertising decisions that align with privacy laws and consumer expectations. 

The Data Privacy Scores (DPS) review publicly available data from leading Data companies to provide marketers with an understanding of data quality indicators that may guide their data investment decisions across martech, ad-tech, social, data, analytics, and other marketing provider categories. 

“Anteriad has shown a continued commitment to the highest level of data privacy and quality and we’re happy to congratulate them on achieving one of the highest scores in our report. They deeply understand the importance of data integrity as fundamental to doing business in today’s complex world, and provide a transparent approach to their solutions that companies can count on to meet and in many cases exceed current data privacy standards,” said Lisa Abousaleh CEO and Co-Founder at Neutronian. 

“Anteriad’s hard work to get in front of privacy and lead by example has indeed been rewarded, as seen in the latest outcomes from Neutronian's AI-Enhanced Data Privacy Scores. Respect for individual privacy rights is the fundamental principle guiding all our actions. B2B marketers have the capability to conduct marketing that is both effective and compliant, thereby achieving outstanding results," stated Karie Burt, Chief Data and Privacy Officer at Anteriad. She further added,  “Neutronian’s agnostic validation of our approach to privacy-driven marketing is great news for Anteriad and our clients. We appreciate their partnership and leadership position around this critical issue.” 


About Neutronian 

Neutronian is a SaaS company providing the most comprehensive approach to data privacy and quality verification. Using a standard evaluation framework, Neutronian produces independent data privacy “credit scores” and in-depth data quality certification. These solutions provide marketers with the transparency they need to confirm that their data and inventory partners are privacy compliant and ensure that their campaigns are running in privacy safe environments. High quality, privacy compliant data providers that work with Neutronian to improve their data privacy scores or achieve certification can be rewarded via faster sales cycles and increased customer trust. For more information, please visit 


About Anteriad 

Anteriad puts B2B marketers in front of their next customer and ahead of their competition. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Forbes, SHRM, and Lenovo have benefited from our high-fidelity B2B buyer data, full and self-service multichannel execution, tele-based conversion services, analytics, and expert advisory to generate impactful ROI multiples. Our award-winning Anteriad Marketing Cloud platform tracks more than 500 billion buyer-related signals each month. BNZSA, our international division, delivers GDPR-compliant data and qualified prospects directly to sales teams with BDRs that offer local expertise in 26 languages. Start creating your future today – get to know us at  


Deirdre Blohm
Senior Vice President, Marketing