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AnteriadMar 31, 2022 12:00:34 AM2 min read

MeritB2B Relaunches as Anteriad

New Branding Aligns With Company Positioning as a Trailblazer in B2B Marketing

Rye Brook, NY (March 31, 2022) – MeritB2B today announced the company’s new name, Anteriad, and new brand positioning at their annual PowerB2B Growth Summit. Anteriad, meaning “pointing forward”, accurately represents both the company’s forward-looking approach, and their solutions that help their customers take the lead in a competitive market. The new brand further emphasizes the positive momentum that puts Anteriad and its customers out in front.

“Anteriad is a company that’s ahead of its time and ahead of the market. Our positioning directly reflects our focus on being uniquely able to provide our customers the solutions they need to get ahead and take the lead,” said Rob Sanchez, CEO at Anteriad. “I’m thrilled to launch our new name and brand at PowerB2B, our first major event since 2019, and the beginning of a new era in B2B marketing leadership.”

Anteriad represents the combination of MeritB2B, recently acquired True Influence, and several earlier strategic acquisitions in the B2B marketing space. As a unified whole, Anteriad is a trailblazer in B2B marketing, with a suite of best-in-class offerings including full funnel demand generation, marketing cloud technology, and market-leading intent, programmatic data and audience solutions, all powered by the industry’s most comprehensive B2B data.

The new name was announced today at Anteriad’s PowerB2B Growth Summit in Austin, TX, featuring B2B marketing experts discussing key topics including demand generation in an omnichannel world, optimizing ABM, and host of innovative analytics, modeling and data-driven approaches that the top B2B marketers are using today. The keynote speaker, Andrew Davis, is a marketing and customer experience expert and author. Also on stage are analysts Katie Linford from Forrester and Michael Harrison from Winterberry group.

The event will also feature a host of B2B marketing leaders from companies including Kustomer, which was recently acquired by Meta, Infinite Electronics, The Channel Company, and MKTG2.U. Joining the summit are executives from leading B2B marketing teams at companies like SAP, Amazon, and Microsoft.

“We chose to announce our new brand at the PowerB2B Growth Summit because the event is all about using best-in-class solutions to take the lead in B2B marketing, a perfect complement to the ethos behind our new positioning. We’re thrilled to be hosting such an incredible group of marketing leaders, and are excited for what the future holds,” said Dee Blohm, SVP Marketing at Anteriad.

About Anteriad

Anteriad is the leading provider of B2B marketing solutions for blue-chip brands including IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco. Marketers choose Anteriad for their intent driven, full-funnel ABM and demand generation platform, world-class data and analytics, and performance marketing capabilities. Anteriad drives meaningful growth for customers by combining the technology and expertise B2B marketers need to win in today’s competitive market. Learn more at