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AnteriadOct 17, 2023 8:55:49 AM2 min read

Anteriad Recognized in Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape Report

Independent Research Firm Highlights Resources for Building and Maintaining a B2B Sales and Marketing Database of Customers and Prospects.

Rye Brook, NY (October 17, 2023) - Global B2B marketing solution provider Anteriad today announced that the company has been recognized in a new Forrester Research report titled "The Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B Landscape Report, Q4 2023." In the report, Forrester defines B2B marketing and sales data providers as, "solutions that offer comprehensive data, insights, and data management services to optimize marketing and sales efficiency and effectiveness."

To qualify for inclusion in Forrester’s Landscape report, providers must offer, at a minimum, firmographic and demographic (account and contact) data to support clients' B2B marketing and sales databases across multiple industries. The majority of providers also offer some combination of services for data enrichment, unification, and storage, as well as additional data types, including technographic data, funding data, and intent data. In the report, Anteriad also noted their solutions for target market definition and sizing, ideal customer profiling, and data unification.

Forrester also shares that B2B companies use data to:

  • Build and enhance their addressable market database
  • Improve target market definition and ideal customer profiles
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and sales interactions

Anteriad is listed among notable providers for B2B data. Forrester identified the core business scenarios for the market including account and contact database acquisition, data hygiene and enrichment, and sales prospecting. B2B companies use a variety of data to help with these scenarios including intent data, firmographic data, and technographic data, all of which are available as part of Anteriad’s comprehensive data offering. Forrester provides recommendations for companies looking to work with these data providers, including that it’s important to request sample data and that companies should not assume privacy policies and compliance are standard across providers.

Earlier this year, Anteriad was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023. Anteriad offers a free trial of its intent data and is proud to have recently been ranked as a top ten provider in Neutronian’s Q3 2023 Data Privacy Scores report.

"As a tenured B2B marketer myself, I empathize with the challenge and complexity my fellow marketers face when making decisions around data," said Lynn Tornabene, CMO at Anteriad. "It can be nerve-racking to switch your primary provider or add a new provider, but today’s marketing demands quality, privacy-compliant, deep and broad data to reach potential buyers before your competition does, like that provided by Anteriad. We value the advice that independent firms like Forrester provide to marketers to help them navigate this marketplace."

To view a copy of Forrester’s Marketing And Sales Data Providers For B2B  Landscape, please click here. (report available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase).

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