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AnteriadSep 20, 2022 10:17:58 AM3 min read

Anteriad Earns Neutronian Certification For Data Quality and Compliance

Provides Independent Verification that Company's B2B Data Meets Highest Level of Data Integrity and Privacy Compliance

Rye Brook, NY (September 20, 2022) -  Anteriad today announced that it is one of the first B2B marketing companies to be certified by Neutronian, a company that provides the first independent verification of data quality and compliance. The Neutronian Certification is a rigorous five-step process and uses a comprehensive definition of data quality. This certification confirms that Anteriad operates with the highest level of data integrity and privacy compliance across its business.

Anteriad’s recent study in partnership with Ascend2 finds that two-thirds of B2B marketers report their organizations do not have a comprehensive data strategy in place to inform marketing, but those who do are 3.6 times more likely to report excellence in deriving actionable insight from data compared to those that do not. As data becomes an increasingly important element of B2B marketing success, it is critical that data is managed with the highest standards.

“We are happy to announce Anteriad as the newest Neutronian certified data partner,” said Lisa Abousaleh, Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder of Neutronian. “As one of the first B2B marketing companies to earn this certification, Anteriad is demonstrating a level of transparency that is not commonplace today but is much needed in order to establish trust among the marketers and advertisers leveraging these types of data solutions, and to help elevate industry standards for data quality and compliance overall.”

Neutronian’s certification of Anteriad used a framework that includes five categories:

  • Consent & Compliance: Consent standards and opt-in/out process and privacy and compliance disclosures (ex. GDPR, CCPA, FLA/FCRA, etc.)
  • Sourcing Transparency: Data sources and data capture mechanisms and transparency of data sources and data use details internally and externally.
  • Dataset Characteristics: Type(s) of dataset – deterministic and/or modeled and data cleansing practices – deduplication, removal of fraudulent data, etc.
  • Methodology & Processing: Data processing and retention controls and statistical methodology utilization – modeling, weighting, etc.
  • Performance: Methods used to evaluate data accuracy and performance and frequency of evaluating data performance.

“The rigorous standards employed in this certification from Neutronian validates Anteriad’s commitment to data quality, transparency, and compliance. As a data-driven organization, the value we deliver to our customers is dependent on our foundation of data best practices, which we are pleased that Neutronian has independently verified,” said Karie Burt, Chief Data and Privacy Officer at Anteriad.

About Neutronian

Neutronian is a SaaS company providing the industry’s most comprehensive independent data certification. Offering a quality and compliance “credit score” that can be applied to all types of MarTech data, Neutronian brings much-needed clarity and trust to the ecosystem. Our thorough approach to data certification provides marketers and brands with the transparency they need to make data-driven marketing decisions. High-quality, privacy-compliant data providers can be rewarded for their efforts via faster sales cycles and increased trust from customers by acquiring a Neutronian certification. For more information, please visit

About Anteriad

For over 20 years, Anteriad has put B2B marketers in front of their next customer and ahead of their competition. With more than 500 billion buyer-related signals tracked every month on our award-winning Anteriad Marketing Cloud platform, customers like IBM, Microsoft, Forbes, SHRM, and Lenovo benefit from our high-fidelity B2B buyer data, full and self-service multichannel execution, analytics, and expert advisory to generate impactful ROI multiples. Start creating your future today – get to know us at https://www.anteriad.local.


Deirdre Blohm
Senior Vice President, Marketing