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AnteriadMar 14, 2023 3:28:41 AM2 min read

Anteriad Data Outperforms Non-Certified Data in Neutronian Advertising Test

Campaign with Anteriad Data Saw Up To 50% Higher CTR and 40% Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition 

Rye Brook, NY (March 14, 2023) - Anteriad today announced that the company’s Neutronian Certified data significantly outperformed non-Neutronian certified data in a test with Neutronian and Causal IQ in Q4 2022. Neutronian Certification provides verification of data quality and compliance that marketers use to guide buying decisions. The test ran across video and display campaigns and compared Anteriad data to other data providers in three categories: financial services, travel, and B2B telco. When compared to the non-certified data providers, the Anteriad campaign performed significantly higher across click-through-rate (CTR), video completion rates and cost per acquisition. 

Across all three data categories, Anteriad performed better than non-certified data. Specifically, Anteriad data delivered a 50% better click through rate for financial services, a 40% lower cost per acquisition for B2B telco and a 66% higher click through rate for travel. 

“In our test executed with Causal IQ, Anteriad’s Neutronian Certified data performed significantly better than non-certified data segments across several advertiser verticals,” said Lisa Abousaleh, Co-CEO and Founder at Neutronian. “This test shows that Anteriad’s high quality and privacy safe data can make a dramatic difference in campaign performance. We applaud Anteriad for delivering increased transparency and demonstrating the value of data quality to brands.”  

"As an advocate for our clients, we always want to ensure that high quality data is being utilized for their marketing efforts," said Jennifer Laing, VP of Operations at Causal IQ. "The ability to layer in data transparency allows us to provide additional value and mitigate the risk for our clients, but at the end of the day, performance is what drives our decisions and optimizations. We are excited to partner with Neutronian and Anteriad on this industry-leading effort to prove that data quality, privacy and safety have a positive impact on campaign performance and should be key considerations when making data decisions moving forward. Anteriad will continue to be one of our top partners leveraged for enhancing our user profiles and targeting campaigns.” 

Earlier in 2023, Anteriad placed in the top twenty-five (1%) of all providers reviewed in Neutronian’s 2023 Data Privacy Scores report. The Data Privacy Scores (DPS) review publicly available data to provide marketers with a summary view of data quality indicators that may guide their data investment decisions across martech, adtech, social, data, analytics and other marketing provider categories. The 2023 rankings reviewed over 1,500 data providers, a significant increase from past years, placing Anteriad in the top one percent of data providers rated.  

“We are thrilled that our data consistently performs better for advertisers across different industries. Neutronian’s independent verification of our ethical, compliant data approach has validated our data strategy best practices. Anteriad’s rigorous adherence to quality and compliance assures better outcomes for advertisers,” said Karie Burt, Chief Data Privacy Officer at Anteriad.  

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Deirdre Blohm

Senior Vice President, Marketing