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Peter Larkin

Posted March 24, 2022

Peter Larkin

Posted March 24, 2022

Thinker, visionary, and innovator

Peter is a visionary when it comes to seamless customer experiences, revenue generation, and growth. His customer know-how combined with his problem-solving chops and passion for driving results set him apart as a CRO. He always has his finger on the pulse of the business and the market, and he’s a strong leader of the revenue revolution at Anteriad. Always eager to innovate, Peter has a reputation as a creative, experienced leader with excellent people skills and a fierce work ethic.


This experienced, results-driven sales and marketing leader has a track record of spotting revenue opportunities, strong “go-to-market” strategies, and successful execution plans to grow revenue.

Leader and motivator

Peter leads the charge for global sales and customer success at Anteriad. We depend on his expertise in managing global sales teams, his talent for data-driven technology sales, and his close relationships with customers. There’s no other way to say it—Peter has helped Anteriad hit aggressive growth targets and reach record profits.

Sales professional

Peter brings all the skills you’d want in a revenue leader: quarterly forecasting, territory management, key accounts relationships, business closing, team motivating, product launching, and process improvement.


Peter has a generous understanding of the demand generation industry, and he knows how to use that experience to help C-level decision makers act on intent data. He constantly looks for ways to make our customers’ lives better, whether using our self-service offerings or managed services.

True New Englander

Peter is a true fan of all New England sports teams, golf, and winters without snow. He is married with 3 children.