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Craig Weiss

Posted March 24, 2022

Craig Weiss

Posted March 24, 2022


We turn again and again to Craig for strategic development and day-to-day management of multiple brands and products, along with pricing, reports, and data. His quick thinking and common-sense intelligence have been instrumental in turning the Anteriad vision into reality.

His experience in guiding and leading the operations team to superb performance is demonstrated by their outstanding results: 99.9% successful operations delivery in 2019. Customers rely on clean, accurate data, and Craig and his team deliver. Every. Single. Time.


It isn’t easy managing an international team of consultants, vendors, and employees, but Craig has that rare ability to “make it so” on a daily basis. People who’ve worked with Craig describe him as a quick-thinking, articulate, and thoughtful partner.

Leader, team builder, and motivator

Anteriad has expanded global operations, and Craig has tirelessly managed this growth, while never taking his eye off the ball to deliver quality data for demand generation. Craig’s teams design, manage, and execute lead generation programs using behavioral targeting, email, online marketing, account-based marketing, and telemarketing for market leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and Charter Communications.


Craig is a lover of global cuisine, and he and his wife even won a foodie contest by supporting over 100 restaurants in their local area. Craig’s other interests are live music, politics, Premier League Football (soccer), and college football.