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AnteriadMarch 29, 20212 min read

BNZSA Expands Operations into North America

Unique combination of deep first-party data insights, digital capabilities and contact center agents previously not available in North America

MADRID, SPAIN, 29 March 2021 – Leading European B2B sales and marketing agency, BNZSA, has expanded its operations into North America following significant client demand.

BNZSA specialises in tele-based demand generation with a team of more than 200 who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads to many of the world’s leading technology brands – to deploy campaigns globally in 16 native languages. BNZSA has more than 100 clients which include many of the world’s leading US-based IT vendors.

“As a consequence of the outstanding lead generation campaigns we have delivered for clients in EMEA, we are responding to overwhelming demand for us to extend our offering into the North American market,” said Brahim Samhoud, BNZSA’s CEO. “Our clients find that the unique combination of our deep first-party data and insights, digital capabilities and contact center agents is simply not available to them in the Americas and have insisted that we extend our services to support their State-side sales and marketing programs.”

BNZSA saw nearly 40 percent annual revenue growth in 2020, and this performance has created the solid foundation for the company to further build upon in 2021 as it brings online geographical expansion and new offerings to provide clients with full end-to-end strategic campaign delivery.

“What makes BNZSA such a powerful and effective client partner is the combination of a deep tech infrastructure coupled with our agents who physically deliver client’s lead generation programs,” Brahim added. “I like to explain BNZSA simply as ‘Lead Generation Powered by People’. Our teams are able to physically qualify and route leads within hours of the lead being generated. This is practically unique in the marketplace – particularly as we bring our industry standard GDPR compliance to the less regulated North American theatre.”



BNZSA is a leading European marketing agency specialising in tele-based demand generation with a team of more than 200 who are experts in delivering qualified, sales-ready leads. It was established in 2013 and has grown rapidly over seven years recording annual growth of 30 percent. BNZSA is privately-owned, has never relied on third-party funding, and has been profitable since day one. Based in Madrid, Spain, and with offices in the UK, France and Morocco, BNZSA delivers the highest quality leads to more than 100 clients including many of the world’s leading technology brands. It invests heavily in its agents who are all native language speakers and can deliver client campaigns in 16 languages globally. In addition to the uniquely human and personal dimension of the company, BNZSA is a leader in the application of technology to underpin its value proposition. For instance, it built its own bespoke CRM platform, and is a pioneer in the use of AI and ML technologies to deliver deep insights and bigger opportunities. 

Contact Clive Savage, Vice President, Communications, BNZSA