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Timing Is Everything in Data-Driven Marketing

Posted July 2, 2021

Timing Is Everything in Data-Driven Marketing

Posted July 2, 2021

In the first part of this series, we shared highlights of an exclusive interview with Anteriad CEO Brian Giese about data-driven marketing, and why truth matters. This post continues with key points from that conversation.

In B2B selling, everything is about timing. You want to intersect with the person at the time when they want to engage, because they’re moving forward whether you’re there or not. They’re out researching all the time when in buying mode.

Typically, there’s a spike of interest at some point, and when that occurs, brands have a variety of ways to get to this person. For example, some work with us to send a relevant email or programmatically display a banner that represents a solution to their problem.

When that interaction occurs, it happens when the prospect is ready and not before. That’s what marketing automation was built to do but it never really delivered on that promise because it can’t.  But we can and we do it for the world.

Data-Driven Marketing: Self-Service and Managed Service

B2B marketers can access quality data by itself in several ways. For example, we work with a number of partners and platforms for the more self-sufficient digital marketer. When it comes to leads, more and more B2B buyers expect self-service and automation.

Let’s unpack how Anteriad leverages data around interactions around the self-service model and marketing automation we deliver. We provide data actioning for B2B brands through a delivery platform we developed, the Anteriad Marketing Cloud™. Brands can receive and self-serve leads to their systems, or our team can do it, as we do for many clients.

Marketing Automation as It Was Meant to Be

Think of our technology as a marketing automation system for the entire world. We see all the interactions everywhere, through a variety of channels. We combine them and give them to you in a timely manner. You get to that person at the best time, not just when they come to your website. You need to see prospects way before they fill out a form and way before they get to your website. Intent monitoring shows you the signaling, and we can score it for you before prospects hit your website, so you can proactively attract them.

That’s the power we built into the Anteriad Marketing Cloud. It’s the top-level feed that’s absolutely necessary to make systems like marketing automation or salesforce automation work effectively.It minimizes the friction in a brand’s demand gen processes. Intent monitoring insights really eliminate the need for cold calling when used properly, so we’ve heard from our customers.

Listen to the full interview with intent monitoring pioneer, Brian Giese, and learn more about the role of intent in B2B marketing today.

Where Truth Matters: Summer Summit – How Data Accelerates Revenue

Want to hear what Anteriad customers have to say about accelerating revenue through data-driven marketing? Join us at the Anteriad Summer Summit on July 14, where you’ll learn from legendary Shark, Damond John; Forrester Principal Analyst, Kerry Cunningham and one-on-one stories with intent-driven marketers.