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The Anteriad of AI on Digital Marketing

Posted April 4, 2021

The Anteriad of AI on Digital Marketing

Posted April 4, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is both the future of digital marketing and a powerful, present-day platform for advertising, campaigns and other digital channels and strategies. 

The true influence of AI on modern B2B marketing can’t be overstated. Artificial intelligence is proving to be a game-changer, transforming digital marketing and customer experience through constant innovation and learning. AI applications and capabilities launched a revolution in B2B digital marketing. One example is how the Anteriad Relevance Engine fired up the intent intelligence category. Steady innovation has artificial intelligence poised to make still more significant and persistent changes in digital marketing and advertising. 

Expansive AI Functionality vs. Narrow AI Functionality

Artificial intelligence can be a lot for a B2B marketer to grasp, but a basic understanding is essential. Let’s start with one significant difference that B2B marketers may encounter. AI can be divided into two categories, Strong AI and Narrow AI.

Narrow AI is also known as weak AI, in contrast with strong AI (which is also known as artificial general intelligence), but this name shouldn’t imply lack of ability. In fact, narrow AI is perfect for a specific task. Some examples are Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant. Operating on a limited, pre-defined set of functions, Alexa can answer most of your questions, but not all of them. That’s because Alexa has been programmed to answer queries in specific ways, rather than coming up with its own answers. The Artificial Intelligence used in many digital marketing strategies is Narrow AI. 

Strong AI involves a system with comprehensive knowledge and cognitive capabilities such that its performance can be indistinguishable from that of a human, although its speed and ability to process data is far greater. Contrary to Narrow AI, Strong AI can use its own intelligence to resolve a problem, even if it has never come across such a situation before. Systems with Strong AI need cognizance and awareness to come up with their own solutions without human involvement. The intelligence improves through machine learning, a fundamental application that enhances the computer system’s ability to automatically learn and improve from prior activities without regular programming. It relies on a set of algorithms and examples to train itself to make more precise assessments and take more accurate actions. 

Where AI Touches B2B Buyer Engagement

Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing already intersect more ways than we probably realize, although most B2B marketers recognize B2C-proven touchpoints, like chatbots and voice search. Here are areas where AI has settled into its role as a B2B engagement tactic.

AI and Chat Support

In the last few years, brands have started interacting with customers and prospects via messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. That’s because some customers want the option to raise queries and receive a quicker and helpful response. We also see chatbots regularly pop up on almost every website.

With AI-driven chatbots, users get a quick response, reducing the wait time. Sometimes it gives the impression of chatting with a customer support executive, when they’re actually engaging with an automated AI chatbot. Chatbots are designed to feel human-like, enabling them to answer the basic questions regarding a company’s product and services.

This generally works by the chatbot recognizing specific keywords that the user mentions during the chat, allowing AI to respond with a significant response. What’s great about these types of bots is that they can be made available 24/7. With a decrease in waiting time, it positively impacts the customer experience.

Even though the chatbots may not yet be able to accurately answer every question you have, it is definitely the start of a new era, and it can only improve.

AI and Voice Assistance

Another bonus of AI in B2B marketing was the introduction of voice search technology, allowing users to get results quickly and more efficiently by verbally asking. Voice-activated assistance such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have revolutionized how users search for answers. We can do it in the easiest way possible, i.e., speech.

In fact, Google has revealed that most of its Google Assistant voice searches are done in a natural, conversational language. Instead of spelling out some specific keywords, as you might do when looking something up on Google.com.

To implement an effective mode of voice searches, marketers need to modify their content marketing strategy to make it more relevant to how someone verbally expresses themselves when it comes to a specific topic. Implementing an intelligent and efficient form of voice searching can help a business significantly increase its organic traffic. 

AI and Buyer Behavior Analysis

Another valuable capability of AI is scoring buyer behavior from data collected about intent behaviors. AI collects data from buyer activity across the web and interactions with brand websites. This is the model behind the Anteriad Relevance Engine and Identity Graph Triangulation. Artificial Intelligence accurately recognizes behavioral patterns and choices based on previous data, which results in a premium quality dataset for behavioral analysis. 

Marketers often plan campaigns based on buyer personas and data collected from buyer journeys, like their intent data. With these targeting insights, B2B marketers personalize offers and content at scale according to buyers’ preference. When brands target prospects more accurately, the rate of conversion rates increases.

Keep Up with B2B Innovation and Best Practices

Artificial Intelligence applications evolve and expand constantly, making it hard for busy B2B marketers to keep up with the latest practices. Implementing AI into your digital marketing strategy has become a must. In fact, it’s probably unavoidable. We know because we help many brands hop on the path to data-driven marketing.

Like nothing else in modern marketing, artificial intelligence has influenced digital advertising strategies, and the B2B industry in general. Are you ready to take your place? Are you as excited as we are about AI and its future? 

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