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The Proof Is in the Revenue. How Does Your Intent Data Compare?

Posted June 18, 2021

The Proof Is in the Revenue. How Does Your Intent Data Compare?

Posted June 18, 2021

Using key metrics within the sales funnel is one good way to determine the effectiveness of intent data. Astute marketers know that high quality data produces higher click through rates, higher MQL and SAL rates, which in turn reduces the cost of sales. How does that happen?  Intent data more accurately isolates organizations who are in an active buy cycle and provides access to key decision makers that can influence the deal. 

One TI customer reduced their average opportunity cost to $750. With an average deal size of nearly $100K and higher performing funnel metrics, their return on data was quite impressive.

We consistently come in with greater value, and there’s good reason. Here’s what that intent value looks like — here’s the story of Anteriad intent data. 

Not All Intent Data Is the Same

You may not realize what it takes to hunt and harvest intent signals from the best prospects from across the Internet. You may just know you’re getting some high-converting contacts.

Intent signals flare up constantly online — billions every day — and behind many of those signals are in-market buyers. However, the key is knowing where they are in their buyer journeys and who’s responsible for making decisions that impact the deal. That’s where we begin, and that’s where intent data has the power to accelerate the sales process.

Clicks, page reads, downloads, event registrations, bidstream data – AI  triangulates it all to reveal user intent. We use a multivariate approach to examine a wide range of behaviors to resolve for an intent signal. We call it the Anteriad Relevance Engine®. Other data vendors don’t do it quite this way, but it’s what makes our intent data stand above the rest. 

To identify the exact individual associated with the intent behaviors, our identity triangulation platform resolves a unique user’s identity based on a proprietary methodology we call Identify Graph Triangulation®.  We don’t just look at one “ingredient”, but a variety of signals and behavior to give the richest picture of in-market prospects or accounts. And as the AI becomes increasingly more efficient, we are producing a greater number of intent contacts.

If you’re worried about the loss of cookies, don’t be. Our intent data uses a cookieless identity resolution process. We’re way ahead of others who depend on third party cookies to reveal identity.  

What Do You Know about Your Data?

Who doesn’t want the best intent data for email campaigns and account-based marketing, for programmatic advertising and content syndication? 

So it’s important to understand what the “best” looks like. Educate yourself with questions like:

  • Do you know where that data came from? 
  • How old is it? 
  • How clean is it? 

As a data-driven marketer, these probably aren’t new questions. What’s different is that B2B brands have more choices for data. Depending on the marketer’s need, data can be enhanced at multiple levels — from inferred individual contact data all the way to buying group members within an account. 

Buyer Intent Data When You Need to Know It

So much of every B2B purchase journey happens online long before your sales team knows about it. Our intent data reveals what’s true about what’s going on with buyers when you need to know it.  

We deliver only quality leads that get you in front of prospects earlier in their journeys. That’s part of the secret sauce of B2B. Studies show the earlier you engage, the better your chances

Here is what data-driven marketers learn earlier about in-market B2B prospects:

  • What do buyers review, attend, download?
  • How does that relate (triangulate) to pain points or other interests?
  • How far along are they in their journey? How intense is their interest?
  • Are others at the same account or location researching similar topics?
  • Is a buying group involved? Who are they?
  • What content would best launch a dialogue? 

Data Is Just the Beginning

Now you know what to look for in quality intent data, what comes next is where things really start to get exciting. Intent is foundational to everything that we do, and it can be the basis of your brand marketing, too. It’s not just about contacts for demand gen and ABM, intent signals also become valuable business intelligence you can use in productive ways. 

Let’s review the value of Anteriad® intent data, from quality data to activation:

  • Fresh, accurate, customizable audience targets
  • Based on actual behaviors and signals
  • Information when you can most effectively act on it
  • A Delivery platform streamlines data activation in:
    • Sales and business intelligence

Clearly, there’s a lot of value in quality intent data, and revenue is the ultimate proof. Sign up for a trial of Anteriad intent data and see for yourself.