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Success in B2B Marketing Starts with Clean, Accurate Data

Posted December 9, 2020

Success in B2B Marketing Starts with Clean, Accurate Data

Posted December 9, 2020

Editor’s Note: This special blog is a harbinger of what to expect at the upcoming Anteriad Summit on accelerating revenue in “uncertain” times. This post takes an in-depth look at the role of good data in B2B sales and marketing success. Register for the virtual summit to hear more thoughts from Brian Giese and other thought leaders.

By Brian Giese, CEO, Anteriad

B2B sellers face numerous challenges in the coming year. Winning in the face of those obstacles will come down to this guiding principal:

Plan, execute and measure your operations based on clean, accurate data.

Most B2B sellers understand this, at least on a conceptual level. But others are just beginning to build out marketing stacks that incorporate clean, comprehensive data at every phase, across all critical channels.

That data needs to come from everywhere your prospects live. You can’t just gather responses from your own site and email blasts, and sort it by a few static rules. That gets you only part of the way there.

You need to work with trusted partners to curate up-to-date intelligence on purchase intent and key business contacts.

  • Intent shows you what people are thinking about doing.
  • Contacts are the people who are actually going to take action.

Integrating these two key points into your revenue ops elevates everything you do, from strategic planning to campaign execution. 

Truly understand the size of your active market

You might think you know the 100 or so companies that make up your sweet spot. But based on the expression of interest we call intent, you’re likely to find there are dozens, if not hundreds more promising companies that just aren’t on your radar yet.

Intent helps you solve what I like to call the “look-a-like problem.” Even if a company doesn’t match all the firmographic criteria in your customer profile, if they act like your best customers, you need to be talking to them.

Register for the Anteriad Summit to learn the story of how Honeywell used intent data to evaluate and target the right prospects.

Build deep connections with personalized content

One reason social media has exploded in B2B is it allows brands to engage prospects in authentic, two-way conversations. All your channels need to emulate this. You must connect with the right people with the right message at the right moment. Otherwise, it’s just noise. The earliest stages of interest in your product category aren’t the right time to send the C-Suite a detailed feature comparison.

Refined intent signal monitoring identifies the purchase journey stage at both an account and individual levels. Contact database enrichment helps you understand prospects’ exact roles in their company’s buying groups. With this knowledge, you can have meaningful, one-on-one conversations across all your channels delivered through more relevant, personalized content.

A single view of your prospects

Marketers understand the value of each of their core channels, and they know how to execute in each one. But without the lens of market-wide intent intelligence on prospects’ behavior, there’s no single view of how all these touchpoints work together. 

Potential customers may never come to your website, if you wait for that to happen, it’s probably already too late to put yourself at the forefront of the conversation. You simply can’t plan, execute and measure omni-channel programs with traditional marketing automation software. You need a longer, holistic view of what buyers are doing. 

Relationships based on trust

When you show buyers you value their time and can truly help grow their business, that’s how long-term partnerships start.

But you also have to prove that you value their privacy. Data collection comes with concerns about personal privacy, and B2B revenue teams need to make it clear that they work with data partners who meet every or exceed privacy standards. 

I’m looking forward to more conversations about these topics at the upcoming Anteriad Summit, as we explore the elements of data-driven sales and marketing strategies for 2021. I hope you’ll register for the Summit and join us for this half-day, virtual event.