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Real-time Marketing Intelligence Takes Lead-Gen to the Next Level

Posted June 4, 2014

Real-time Marketing Intelligence Takes Lead-Gen to the Next Level

Posted June 4, 2014

Traditional lead generation tools give marketers a snapshot of a potential client’s interest at a specific point in time. The fact that a mid-level level manager at a North American firm with $10 million-plus annual revenue viewed your webcast remains a highly valuable bit of marketing data.

But what did that manager do after interacting with your company? Did she mention how much she enjoyed the webcast on her Twitter account, or research the topic further on leading B2B publishing sites? And how long has she been expressing interest in your industry segment or product?

Real-time marketing intelligence about a lead’s ongoing online activities elevates a potential initial communication from a generic “Hi, we saw you might be interested …” to a highly targeted message tailored to a contact’s interest level and position in the buying decision cycle. And tracking a lead’s activities after initial contact helps your marketing team identify opportunities for follow-up communications that might otherwise be overlooked.

This type of intelligence requires you to look beyond your own offer forms and Web site beacons; you need a partner who monitors the entire B2B marketing landscape, looking for key events in both traditional and social media that indicate a lead is ready to talk to you.

Enter Anteriad’s InsightBASE™ Dashboard, which provides a single view of a lead’s activities across leading B2B publishers, social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and email marketing efforts from numerous providers, as well as all their activities across Anteriad’s growing network.

The InsightBASE Dashboard offers a wealth of information, including tracking the contact’s top five topics of interest and their most recent interactions with information across various contact channel, as you can see in the snapshot above.

You can also quickly see how much of your own content the lead has consumed, recent social activity, and his or her preferred delivery platform. A separate tab provides similar information for the lead’s entire company, to place their individual information in a more meaningful context.

All this information is rolled into overall Influence Score that gauges the lead’s likelihood of interacting with your company.

Armed with this information, your marketing team will know if a lead’s interaction with that webcast was, in fact, their eighth such content experience in the last three weeks, indicating that the lead is aggressively forming an opinion about their purchase decision and is ready for a call. Or, you might find the lead is just browsing, and a simple greeting mail might be the best step.

Our InsightBASE Dashboard puts vital, real-time intelligence at your fingertips, empowering you to send exactly the right message to leads at any point in the increasingly fluid purchase cycle. It’s a powerful addition to traditional lead generation that takes your marketing strategy to the next level.