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Programmatic Job Skills: Does Your Team Have What It Takes?

Posted May 27, 2021

Programmatic Job Skills: Does Your Team Have What It Takes?

Posted May 27, 2021

In 2020, digital channels accounted for 80% of budgets, with the highest spend in digital advertising. Marketers are optimistic about the outlook of paid media in the upcoming months, but they may run into an obstacle facing many industries – finding the right skills to drive programs. Use this article as a guide to finding and hiring strong programmatic talent, or if you want to uplevel your own skills as a marketer, this will give you guidance on where to focus.

“If you’re a marketer and you aren’t deep into programmatic, then you’re behind the times— and, more than likely, your competition.” — Joshua Spanier, Google Vice President, Marketing

What Programmatic Job Skills Do B2B Brands Need?

Programmatic advertising holds center stage in the digital marketing segment. In 2020, programmatically sold advertising was worth US$129.1 billion, and may reach US$155 billion in 2021. Given this growing investment, the job of the programmatic marketer is crucial. Let’s look at some of the skills and responsibilities programmatic teams need, either in-house or from a trusted partner.

  • Target specific audience groups that match your ideal buyer personas, and develop new target accounts.
  • Design, launch relevant ads to targeted audience segments, based on intent data signals.
  • Create hyper-targeted ads, personalized ad content, optimize contextual targeting to fuel brand awareness.
  • Measure buyer reach and frequency, data usage report, buyer segment performances, and attributed conversions.
  • Optimize display programs across multiple channels to drive conversions and strengthen brand engagement.
  • Optimize digital campaigns in DSPs, and other platforms, like social.
  • Identify quality leads who have the potential to be buyers, track buyers’ journey along the funnel.
  • Actively participate in pre-campaign planning, mid-campaign optimizations, post-campaign evaluation, and accurate programmatic reporting
  • Manage ad trafficking, troubleshooting all revenue models of ad campaigns, advertiser budget, and bid setup.
  • Holistic marketing campaign analysis and optimization, drive effectiveness of interactive campaigns
  • Up-to-date knowledge of programmatic technology developments, implement tracking and retargeting strategies based on data points
  • Evaluate daily/weekly campaign performance reports delivering accurate campaign results and traffic routines.
  • Support real-time bidding (RTB) optimizations and strategy through ad exchange media buying.

With such a heavy load of responsibilities, B2B brands need marketers with solid programmatic job skills.

Stand Out with These Programmatic Job Skills

Want to stand out for your programmatic skills? These five practices will get you noticed.

1.     Be a programmatic guru: Become the expert on your marketing team who knows answers to programmatic-related questions. Dedicate hours to understanding best practices and technological developments. Familiarize yourself with common tracking and troubleshooting issues. Explore tools and review the features and solutions of your DSP provider, campaign requirements, campaign performance reports, and analytics reports.

2.     Put it to the test: If you’re a marketer, testing should be in your DNA. Use data to learn what works and what doesn’t. The goal is to optimize ad campaigns for maximum conversions. What worked in 2019 probably doesn’t serve the marketplace of 2021. Use A/B testing and other practices available to you.

3.     Act like a researcher: The digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving, meaning you have to keep your eyes and ears open to every update. Pay attention to trends in campaign management, inventory updates, new tools in the market, and new creative ad content ideas.

4.   Data is a big deal: To create strong targeted audiences for campaigns, you need data. Lots and lots of data. Data quality is king, and data analysis and activation turn good data into something useful. Structured data and fresh intent signals give insights into your user segments. With so much more data available, it’s more important than ever for programmatic marketers and others to understand how to make data their friend. (Or find a programmatic partner who can.)

5.   Gain programmatic foresight and vision: eMarketer predicts a 52.9% growth in programmatic ad spending on CTV in 2021, including multichannel video display ads and digital audio service advertizing, which includes podcasts. The phasing out of third-party cookies and changes in Apple’s Identifiers for Advertizers (IDFA) are all set to transform the programmatic media ecosystem. CTV and OTT gaining more room in the spotlight in this evolution.

The Path to Programmatic Mastery

See if your programmatic marketer career would benefit from a closer look at these fundamentals and basic skill requirements. We work with many B2B programmatic marketers who use our data and our all-rounder programmatic solution, DisplayBase. It’s a managed, programmatic ad targeting and delivery solution powered and optimized by buyer intent data.

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