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Lessons in ABM: 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Target Account Approach

Posted September 23, 2021

Lessons in ABM: 4 Tips to Upgrade Your Target Account Approach

Posted September 23, 2021

Depending on what philosophy drives your B2B marketing plans, you might be limiting yourself without realizing it. Think about how your team is set up to react to these situations:

  • Your target persona is IT leaders, even though there are several common stakeholders that often strongly influence the discovery and purchase process
  • A high-stakes leader visits your site, but isn’t from one of your target accounts
  • Your personalization is reserved for your top accounts, where it has the most ‘bang for the buck.”

In each of these situations, a bit of flexibility can go a long way towards capturing valuable lead activity and driving more sales activity. With data and automation on your side, you can include people outside your top personas, react quickly to new opportunities outside your target list, and leverage automation and personalization at a much greater scale.

The best way to maximize your opportunities is to create a waterfall, or prioritized outreach plan that assigns value to top accounts and other accounts and creates an outreach plan that’s driven by insights and scalable technology.

Add To Your ABM/Target Accounts with Models and Whitespace Accounts

Many B2B marketers use an ABM or Target Account approach to marketing that could be due for an upgrade. The best approach is to leverage customer profiles, purchase and propensity data, business intelligence, and sales insights to identify your best account opportunities to maximize resources and the effectiveness of marketing and sales. Often, B2B marketers fall short of this description, using rigid or outdated data, or not incorporating data effectively into a flexible model.

What’s more, ABM or Target Accounts shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing approach, but rather the start of a prioritized approach with key accounts at the top. Whitespace Accounts can be added to achieve more sales activity.

Anteriad’s OmniENGINE allows for the activation of multi-channel campaigns to target account lists as well as the capability to identify and activate whitespace audiences. OmniENGINE is a managed platform, meaning Anteriad experts leverage your branded content to execute campaigns, create demand, generate leads, and provide valuable insights – all for a fixed price based on your specific program needs.

Learn how you can improve your approach with at our upcoming webinar on this very topic on Wednesday, September 29th and stay tuned for a deeper-dive in our whitepaper release coming soon. Contact me to learn more about how OmniENGINE can help you expand your account approach.

Eric Newell
VP, Client Strategy
[email protected]