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Intent Data – The Secret Weapon To Help B2B Marketers Close More Sales

Posted April 7, 2021

Intent Data – The Secret Weapon To Help B2B Marketers Close More Sales

Posted April 7, 2021

For B2B Marketers that are looking to successfully engage buyers and target accounts, intent data presents an unrivalled opportunity to deliver 1:1 relevance at scale.

Intent data is the secret weapon of the most successful B2B marketers and should be a major focus for any B2B marketer looking to improve marketing performance in 2021 and beyond. 

If you’re wondering how intent data can help your B2B marketing efforts, I invite you to join our webinar later this month, Sourcing and Activating Intent Data for B2B Marketing, which will provide a detailed understanding of the most valuable facet of an intent data program, and how to make the most of this intelligence across digital marketing efforts to close more sales.

What is Intent Data?

Intent data is a collection of insights that provide you an understanding of which prospects are closest to actually buying your products. Collecting intent data can provide the knowledge of who is in-market now and who cares about your messages most.

Intent data provides a level of knowledge that can dramatically improve a B2B marketer’s success rate in many ways. By knowing which customers are most likely to react positively to your message, you can shift your marketing budget to provide personalized attention and sales support to your best prospects. Your marketing spend gets more efficient and more accurately targeted. Your lead-to-close time gets shorter and your close rate increases. While many intent providers supply behavior at the domain or company level, I’m excited to share that our eCHO offering provides even more powerful granularity with site-level attribution—indicating which office within a company is actually doing the research!

How Does Intent Data Add to A Business’ Bottom Line?

When you have an understanding of which businesses and sites are most likely to want or need your products, you can shape your strategy with confidence. B2B marketers with intent data are able to harness other best practices in marketing:

  • Provide a personalized buyer’s journey across channels, and improve and learn with each interaction.
  • Create multichannel marketing that incorporates elements including CRM, targeting, programmatic media buying to deliver highly orchestrated experiences
  • Deliver coordinated and relevant messaging for various stakeholders to help move even the most complex purchase decisions toward a sale.

Intent data provides a much more immediate understanding of who is in your purchase funnel and why. It helps create much more accurate behavior predictions, more personalized messaging, and helps with navigation across stakeholders within an organization.

Contact me today to make intent data a part of your 2021 B2B marketing strategy and be sure to join me and my fellow colleague, Ben Goldman, for our discussion in our upcoming webinar, Sourcing and Activating Intent Data for B2B Marketing!

Alex Lukashov
VP of Sales
180byTwo, a Anteriad Company
[email protected]