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How to Evaluate Intent Data Providers

Posted May 21, 2021

How to Evaluate Intent Data Providers

Posted May 21, 2021

All intent data is not created equal, and neither are all intent data providers. Use this guide for the comparative analysis of vendor capabilities to find a truly intent-driven partner who’s right for you.

Questions About Intent Data Providers and Services

What to ask about intent data

  • Are they an actual intent data provider?  Where do they get their data from? 
  • Is the data curated from the entire internet or a collective of publishers?
  • Do they provide contact level intent, meaning they identify the actual individual expressing intent?
  • What is the basis of their intent scoring model and how applicable is it to how your customers buy?
  • How timely are their intent data updates and do the updates indicate a delta over previous weeks for insight into rising or waning intent signals?
  • How will they be impacted by the movement to deprecate third-party cookies? Do they have a reasonable plan?

What to ask about lead delivery

  • 100% lead validation – Does the provider validate every single lead, and do they guarantee their quality?
  • Return rate (less that 1%?) – If they have a replacement guarantee, how many are actually returned?  What’s the percentage?
  • Consistent, on-time delivery at scale – Do they deliver on time and on target?
  • Secure, compliant lead delivery – Do they have a secure platform that has documented security audits guaranteeing compliance?
  • SFA and MAP platform integrations – Can they deliver data into existing platforms and campaigns or to individuals accountable for specific account follow up in a secure, automated environment?
  • Buying group integration – Can they add value to a lead by referencing additional contacts that are part of the buying group?

What to ask about campaign reporting

  • Advanced campaign delivery and reporting platform – Is program reporting delivered in logical, easy-to-digest dashboards showing attribution by tactic, target, products, region or ABM lists?
  • ABM account-level reporting – Can they demonstrate ABM account-level penetration and the roles of individuals who are engaging with their content?

What about other services and capabilities

  • End-to-end full funnel lead generation capabilities – Can they develop an fully integrated campaign beginning with audience creation, tactic selection, activation, lead delivery and reporting? Can they do this both in a hosted SaaS solution as well as a managed services model?
  • Marketing cloud – Do they provide services in a hosted SaaS solution, as well as a managed services model?
  • Customer success managers – Do they provide a team of data and campaign strategists to assist in the construction, development and execution of campaigns?
  • Continuous innovation – Do they provide insightful campaign wrap-ups and analysis to enable innovation and improved performance over time?

When evaluating demand generation partners who claim to bring intent data in their offering, you’ll never go wrong by digging beneath the surface. We’re happy to talk about our answers to any of these questions or other concerns your team may have. On to the data-driven future!

Do a Thorough Evaluation of Intent Data Providers

Use these questions for comparative analysis of intent-driven demand generation capabilities across your short list of solution providers. B2B brands must investigate an array of important features to drive success in campaigns and in your intent investment.

We’ve written on this subject before, and you might find this article helpful, too: “Choosing an Intent Data Provider: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy.”