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Business to Business: It’s About To Start Getting “Intents”

Posted August 26, 2016

Business to Business: It’s About To Start Getting “Intents”

Posted August 26, 2016

B2C Marketing Intelligence comes to B2B

The intelligence available to marketers in the B2B and B2C spaces tend to be similar but are not identical. Both the nature and scale of the markets served vary just enough to cause slight variations in what marketers can see about their prospects in these two distinct arenas.

For several years, B2C marketers have been able to monitor the web pages visited from individual residential IP addresses (people’s homes), a capability that reveals which products or services people in those homes seem to be evaluating online and potentially soon purchasing.

That same capability was not available to business to business marketers for some time, but the benefits are identical and the advent of what we call Intent Signals® Data was inevitable – and now its time has come.

B2B marketers can now monitor the online activity of prospect companies, down to the individual location level, to see when these companies have begun the online research that precedes a purchase.

What made this possible is the productization of what had been raw and dispersed data. The launch, in January 2016, of InsightBASE® by Anteriad® put Intent Signals in the hands of B2B marketers.

Giese Speaks

Brian Giese, CEO of Anteriad, announced the results of a one month study that concluded August 1, 2016.  After following the online searching activities of marketers in Fortune 500 companies, it became apparent that many companies were showing increasing interest compared to baseline data in marketing techniques and tools. With 94% of B2B buyers researching online before making purchase decisions; this is the moment you need to reach that prospect.

Giese noted that this proprietary Intent Signal intelligence data provides a powerful new ability to B2B marketers—a clear indication of intent to purchase which follows on the heels of specific online research.

“We used data aggregated through InsightBASE to monitor fact-based online digital activities […] web pages visited, white papers downloaded, webinars registered for, et cetera.

“InsightBASE processes over 250 million such Intent Signals each day to identify changing levels of interest.  [It] then provides full contact information for the relevant individuals within each of the companies that are showing increased intent signal activity.”

You need Intent Signals Data (ISD)

Early ISD adopters are already gaining a distinct advantage over their competitors. Anteriad, leaders in Account Based Marketing (ABM) and marketing analytics, examines billions upon billions of data transactions every month, and by knowing what people are searching for, what information they have shared with coworkers, webinars they have joined, or information they have downloaded, a growing intent is revealed.

Barriers to Entry

Some people talk of Big Data as if it was a magical incantation, but in truth it is simply organizing and utilizing assimilated data.  Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) clears the way for you to use Big Data without investing in the rather expensive infrastructure of Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, specialized IT staff, data scientists and discrete servers to manage all the information.

Big Data is now easy.  If “easy” makes you think that it is probably not worthwhile, just know that your competitors don’t feel that way.  They have figured out that work doesn’t need to be difficult in order to be useful.

The best of us always leverage the efforts of others to reduce the amount of redundancy.  Reinventing the wheel went out with button-shoes.  Using a centralized information repository doesn’t mean that everybody will get the same information.  Different questions generate different insights so true intelligence involves asking the right questions, at the right time.

Information Automation

Once you have described your parameters, what products or services you provide, on what scale they are available, and what their best, or most suitable parallel uses are, much of this becomes automatic. If you have phrased your queries correctly, it can be pretty much set-it-and-forget-it.

Being Efficient

It doesn’t take a genius to see the value of this information.  It does however require a reasonably clever person to recognize that when you are changing residences you don’t buy the moving truck.  There is certainly no need for everyone who has ever changed residences to own a moving van.  Respect the foresight of provisioning thousands of people with equipment that can be used in common, but for remarkably different purposes.  A company dedicated to data can provide answers you could never acquire on your own.

Owning the Data

Everybody will eventually be using Big Data in the future, and maybe the smallest differentiation will be all that stands between you and your strongest competitor.  Still, you may not need a private Big Data server.

To continue the analogy from above, most times you won’t need a moving van.  Perhaps renting a U-Haul, or even calling the FedEx people will suffice to move around your smaller loads.

Generating Leads

Leads generated by ISD often come very early in the buying cycle.  They may not have visited your website. Perhaps they haven’t had time to commit themselves to any particular strategy or means yet.  This provides you with the opportunity to speak to them without trying to generate a sale.

Instead you can offer them insight and suggestions to help them make a decision.  You can create email campaigns targeted to their personas, provide white papers and resources to help them make a better choice (your company’s product or service).

Now you’re regarded as an authority; you’ve been imbued with trust; and, when it comes time to make the decision, they are much more likely to turn to you.

The Takeaway

Wherever else the world of Intent Signal data takes us, this will always be remembered as the time when Intent Signals started to make sense in the business world; as the time when Intent became easy; and for you, the last day of not being sure… Please feel free to share your thoughts with us and test drive InsightBASE for yourself to see what topics are surging in your target companies.