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Bring Conversational Marketing into Account-Based Engagement

Posted July 30, 2021

Bring Conversational Marketing into Account-Based Engagement

Posted July 30, 2021

The shift to account-based engagement continues to gain momentum, and a lot of that has to do with the rise of buying group marketing. Engagement looks at the account from a more relationship-driven view, rather than a more tactical marketing-based approach.

This transition between a more traditional approach to one driven by the times must be navigated carefully. Fortunately for B2B marketers, there’s a roadmap available: “The Ultimate Guide to Combining Account-Based Engagement and Conversational Marketing” from ChatFunnels.

The comprehensive resource is available upon request, and you’re probably going to want to do that. This overview of key takeaways from the guide will not only help you adopt account-based engagement, but also understand how conversational marketing tactics can contribute.

Account-Based Engagement Taking Hold in B2B

Account-based engagement (ABE) is a rising topic in the B2B space, and this guide gives a comprehensive overview. ABE represents an evolution of account-based marketing (ABM) in that “ABM makes the shift from marketing to a specific person to marketing to a whole account or buying committee” notes Keri Paxman, author of the ChatFunnels guide.

Instead of marketing to everyone and hoping ideal accounts seek you out, brands now search out ideal accounts and market directly to them in a personalized manner. It focuses on personalization at scale. It’s about engaging with each individual from each individual account.

B2B brands recognize this approach as one of the most time-efficient ways to market. 87% of B2B marketers reported that account-focused strategies outperform others in terms of ROI. Who wants to waste time on accounts that aren’t the right fit? Instead, identify the accounts you want and go after them. It’s a more focused way of marketing that allows greater alignment between your sales, marketing and customer support teams.

This well-researched piece from ChatFunnels covers a number areas of importance to B2B brands, such as:

5 Benefits of Account-Based Engagement

The major benefits from account-based engagement:

  • Faster pipeline growth
  • Higher close rates
  • Larger average deal sizes
  • Greater customer retention
  • Ongoing alignment between sales, marketing, and customer support

4 Simple Steps to Incorporating Account-Based Engagement

1. Define target accounts/target groups
2. Roll out a one-to-one, or strategic ABE strategy
3. Roll out a one-to-few or scaled strategy
4. Optimize your account-based engagement strategies

Conversational Marketing Drives Account-Based Engagement

ABE incorporates aspects of conversational marketing, along with targeted campaigning. What sets ABE apart from other marketing strategies is that it revolves around continual, personalized engagement. And that’s a job that conversational marketing technology does very well these days. Account-based engagement and conversational marketing go hand-in-hand.

It’s all about personalization at scale and targeting. It’s also about understanding buyers better. Conversational intelligence comes from data about interactions and behavior. It’s one more way brands round out their pictures of in-market prospects and buying groups. At its core, conversational marketing clearly qualifies as an engagement strategy by enabling direct one-on-one conversations with prospects, whether through email, social, phone or intelligent chatbots.

Use of chatbots on your site is an effective way to optimize your conversational marketing strategies. It promotes real-time engagement, which in turn promotes faster lead conversion.

Don’t think of conversational marketing and account-based engagement as two separate strategies; conversational marketing is one good way to achieve account-based engagement.

And to continue in pursuit of that goal, get this guide: “The Ultimate Guide to Combining Account-Based Engagement and Conversational Marketing

Account-Based Engagement Summit: The Next Step for ABE Practitioners

If you’re as excited about ABE as we are, you’ll want to sign up for this, the Account-Based Engagement Summit on August 11. In addition to our own Anteriad VP of Marketing, Terry Arnold, you’ll hear from 30+ industry-leading speakers. Will we see you there?