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Future of B2B Revenue: Tips for Engaging with Buyers

Posted January 2, 2021

Future of B2B Revenue: Tips for Engaging with Buyers

Posted January 2, 2021

Need some tips to better prepare your B2B revenue resources for 2021? First, start with these forward-looking videcasts full of tips for engaging with buyers. Then see the agenda and register for the Anteriad Summit on “Accelerating Revenue in Uncertain Times.”

#1 How to prepare your B2B lead generation for market recovery

Vaibhav Sisinty
Growth hacker by profession and entrepreneur by heart

The world is still quite challenging from marketing and sales perspectives, but it will recover. So what does “V” advise clients to do? Listen and learn how to keep the ammo ready, so your business can start fighting the right way when the market recovers. You’ll lose big if you don’t ride the curve going back up!

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • How to strategize everything around creating a funnel of content
  • Why now is a great time to do what you didn’t have time for before
  • Why now is the time to engage with customers like never before

#2 Know your past. Live your present. Prepare for your future.

Christian Klepp
Co – Founder, Einblick Consulting | Director of Client Engagement | Podcast Host, B2B Marketers on a Mission

Watch this episode to learn:

  • The value a brand strategist brings during a market shift or disruption
  • How preparing for things to go wrong protects your strategy when things go right
  • Why storytelling in B2B hits harder than outright selling 

What’s creating problems for your B2B demand gen today? B2B marketers and business owners face a hoard of challenges, and who doesn’t appreciate another set of experienced eyes on a problem? Christian is a go-to resource who helps B2B brands of all sizes find and use their competitive uniqueness. Get his tips in this videocast.

If you want to obsess less over B2B problems and focus more on solutions and opportunities, the ideas in this conversation will speak to you. 

#3 Business Planning Post-Pandemic

Michael VanPatten
Chief Financial Officer | Anteriad

Innovation without planning doesn’t get you very far. That’s the motivation behind the serious planning at Anteriad, where CFO Michael VanPatten conceptualizes productivity innovation and oversees its implementation. His strength in catching trends well before they become standards adds weight to his strategic guidance. 

The “CFO of the Year” Finalist is known for taking on the tough projects. Highly credentialed himself, he’s taught MBA classes in finance, marketing and management and authored several articles. 

Learn from this story of business planning during a crisis, and how we’re thinking now about the future of digital business. 

#4 Global B2B Marketing in a Smaller World 

Wendy Pease
Translation Expert | President of Rapport International

Watch this episode to learn how to:

  • Reach wider audiences through use of native languages and the power of emotional connection
  • Expand your business through global marketing and communication and where to start
  • Evaluate an SEO strategy for global marketing

The world has gotten smaller, so we need to look again at how to engage global audiences and prepare for global marketing challenges.With so many of us working, marketing and selling virtually, the world has become screen-sized. Digital business is on the rise, and for global marketers, this puts renewed emphasis on reaching a wider set of in-market buyers. Sit back and learn from an expert with deep experience in communicating with global audiences. 

#5 Artificial Intelligence for B2B Selling in a Virtual World

Lisa Palmer
Chief Technical Advisor AMER, Splunk Inc. | MBA Professor, Southern Nazarene University

Watch to learn:

  • How to ease these B2B-related pain points in the virtual space
  • How visual tools prepare your internal team for the future
  • How conversational AI shortens the timeline in virtual selling

Lisa keeps a close eye on artificial Intelligence at the intersection of business, academia and government oversight. Her fact-based approach to problem solving helps organizations pivot to new business models, fix what’s broken, and create quick, sustainable growth-to-scale. Learn how to create and implement business strategies for a virtual world that focus on technology and data. You’ll discover more about how AI helps field sales teams transition their operations to the virtual world.

#6 Motivate Your B2B Sales Team for Virtual Success

Christine Volden
Sales & Marketing Consultant | Founder of Soulful Selling

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • What you must do differently if customers aren’t buying right now
  • How to approach long-term sales cycles vs. short term in this changed market
  • Why virtual motivativation for Sales teams is needed and possible

What is “quiet selling”? What does “intuitive business” look like? As a mentor and coach, Christine has introduced these concepts to hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs. She knows the secrets of scaling sales teams and improving process efficiency. In other words, you’ll come away from this videocast with fresh ideas that might be just what your organization needs right now. 

Sales, Marketing and Data Alignment in 2021 Starts at the Anteriad Summit

Running out of ideas? Get fresh advice on motivating your team and connecting with your customers, your company and yourself. Join us on January 21 at the Anteriad Summit as thought leaders share ideas in this half-day, virtual event. See the full agenda here.