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How B2B Intent Data Accelerates Revenue in 2021

Posted January 13, 2021

How B2B Intent Data Accelerates Revenue in 2021

Posted January 13, 2021

This blog explains how to leverage intent data to elevate B2B marketing and accelerate revenue in 2021. It covers many of the concepts we’ll explore more deeply at the Anteriad Summit. (See the Summit agenda.)

COVID-19 dramatically changed the way B2B organizations operate, and the disruption is still not over. Marketing and sales leaders need to reorganize and rethink their strategies to hit their revenue goals. That’s part of the reasoning behind the very first Anteriad Summit on January 21. 

Using B2B Intent Data to Drive Revenue

Use this article to prompt thinking about the ways you can leverage B2B intent data, and to prepare for taking your ideas to the next level at the Summit.

The Personalization Power of Intent Data

If you want to reinvent marketing and sales in 2021, personalization is key. However, limited prospect information restricts marketing outreach leading to generic marketing tactics. With intent data, B2B sellers leverage behavior signals to find where buyers are in their customer journey. This knowledge helps you customize marketing messages and sales pitches in alignment with the buyer’s interest.

By collecting and analyzing buyer signals from sources with a high volume of quality traffic, you can increase lead generation by leveraging these insights across a larger pool of potential prospects. Buyer intent data broadens the prospect pool by collecting valuable behavior data before any purchase action takes place. The question is how can you use this data to make your B2B marketing more effective? Again, we’ll dive into this at the Summit, but here’s a quick look at some of the ways revenue teams benefit from data like this.

  • Maximize Sales Outreach

Buyers spend about half of their time collecting information from third-party sources. According to Gartner, sales professionals often wait for prospects to complete an action before identifying their interest. With buyer intent signals, sales doesn’t need to wait for an action to take place. Marketers can help their Sales colleagues get in-market prospects tracking their online activity and prioritizing leads based on the findings. 

  • Customize Messaging

More than 70% of B2B marketers will use third-party intent data to engage with their prospects by the end of 2022. That’s a pretty significant adoption, and some of the motivation comes from the ability to be more relevant to buyers. 

Leverage intent data to make more personalized ads. That is, ads specifically tailored or customized to a specific need. That gives you a better chance of converting prospects into quality leads. Intent data offers raw insight into a prospect’s research history that includes different companies and products. Customize your messaging using this information and stay ahead of your competition and stay in step with buyers.

  • Reduce Churn Rate

Intent data may give insight into the perceptions your current customers have about your company, too. Maybe they’re looking into alternatives to present programs. If they’re researching your competitors, they may be thinking of ending their relationship with you. Proactive conversations with such customers can save the account before it’s too late. 

How Does Intent Data Make Marketing Campaigns More Effective?

With precise audience insights from intent data, you build audience segments that stay current. Integrating intent insight into your martech platforms like Hubspot and Marketo can help us map crucial touch points across all campaign activities. You can activate and drive ‘always-on’ value from data across different marketing campaigns. Doing so drives true value enabling a omnichannel approach across all channels and use cases.

What does the Anteriad Summit have to say?

The Anteriad Summit 2021 summit revolves around “Accelerating Revenue in Uncertain Times,” and what could be more important to B2B sellers these days?

COVID-19 has changed the way B2B selling organizations operate, and the disruption came large and fast. There was little time to prepare, but perhaps that’s not as true in 2021. For marketing and sales leaders, this summit will help you refocus on what matters most in 2021. Bring the team and join ̧for ideas on how to reach more customers, engage your audiences, and activate the full buying journey.

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