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7 Intent Signal Successes: How to Take Demand Gen to the Next Level

Posted October 1, 2019

7 Intent Signal Successes: How to Take Demand Gen to the Next Level

Posted October 1, 2019

From B2B to B2B2C, businesses of all kinds benefit from the insights and information available from buyer intent signals. Here are seven stories of intent success. See if any of these scenarios resemble your demand gen challenges, and take note of how Anteriad solutions helped solve them for each of their customers.

Success #1 – Extreme Networks – Intent-based leads drive triple-digit sales appointments

Founded in 1996, Extreme Networks employs more than 3,000 people worldwide and has over 30,000 customers in 80 countries. The company provides networking solutions to create stronger connections with customers, partners, and employees. After a period of rapid growth, Extreme began ramping up investment in their demand generation programs. In pursuit of this strategy, they encountered three specific challenges:

  • Finding buyers in-market
  • Accelerating delivery of quality demand generation to teams
  • Arming sales reps with actionable intelligence to close deals

Extreme Networks chose Anteriad’s intent-based, teleprospecting solution — ActiveBase® — as the only solution that met all their needs.

  • In-market buyers — Using intent signals, demographic filters, and telephone qualification, Anteriad targets the correct personas as they actively research topics relevant to Extreme Networks.
  • Faster lead qualification — Extreme can confidently mark Anteriad demand generation as MQLs the moment they appear in the CRM, with a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the contact information.
  • Deeper account intelligence — ActiveBase provided for three custom questions aimed at gathering information about the solution the account currently uses, challenges they face, and plans to upgrade, giving reps information to conduct meaningful follow-up conversations.

“Anteriad programs are incredibly successful. We run a variety of programs with several different vendors, but Anteriad surpasses any other third-party lead source we have used,” declared Mike White, Extreme Networks Marketing Manager, Demand Generation.

In less than seven months, the Extreme Networks sales team set more than 125 appointments with Anteriad demand generation – results unmatched by any other provider. The smooth flow of demand generation from Marketing to Sales improved the working relationship between the two teams, and Sales Reps continue to give positive feedback on the quality of Anteriad demand generation and the intent signal intelligence they deliver.

Success #2 – For Marketo (now Adobe), quality + timing = successful demand generation

Every marketer knows of the popular engagement platform, Marketo. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has offices around the world and over 1,000 employees. For the Marketo marketing team, it’s important to correctly segment audiences for a targeted approach that gets the right message to the right person at the right time. Marketo needed help tracking new demand generation coming into its database and making sure the data was correct. Timing was also an issue, as the marketing team needed demand generation delivered on time to help hit quarterly demand gen goals.

Using intent signals, Anteriad delivered PersonaBase® to the Marketo marketing team as a direct drip into their marketing automation platform.​ Over the span of three years, Anteriad fed 24,572 quality business demand generation MQLs into Marketo’s database, and T​rue Influence continues providing PersonaBase to ​Marketo with a 100% delivery rate, month after month. The sales team can easily access prospects in PersonaBase and quickly act on them, knowing each target has an interest in their product. ​

“What I really like about Anteriad is their seamless technology,” said Lizzy Funk, Marketo Senior Marketing Specialist. “I never have to worry about any kind of demand generation data coming in wrong. They’re always on time, and they’re always the right demand generation that we’re looking for in the right segment. The size of their database is massive, which is good for us because we’ll never exhaust it. The cost is just right where we need it to be. The ROI has shown to be very good for us as well.”

Success #3 – Docusign discovers the power of real-time follow up

More than 300,000 customers and 200 million users around the world depend on Docusign, the leader in electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services. Founded in 2003, Docusign now has more than 1,000 employees, and when they needed clean intent signal data to feed quality demand generation to sales, they turned to Anteriad.

Now, with the Anteriad PersonaBase solution driving demand gen directly into DocuSign’s Oracle Eloqua marketing automation software, Sales can follow up in real time. The moment a prospect engages with a high-value content asset, a sales rep can call to talk about Docusign, creating a seamless solution for the company’s demand generation needs.

“Through the innovation of automation platforms, we can measure individual activities all the way through multi-channel, integrated global campaigns. So it’s truly amazing to see how software innovation, big data, and predictive data analytics tell us who’s doing what and when, to deliver meaningful content to them at the right time, at the right place, at the right moment, and that enhances their customer experience,” said Christine Simonini, Docusign Director of Enterprise and Vertical Demand Generation.

Success #4 – Gartner feeds a hungry sales force

Success in content syndication requires the optimal combination of target audience, content type, and timing. What works for one company might not work at all for another. Marketing teams rely on test programs — small campaigns with small budgets — to gauge the effectiveness of different demand gen approaches. This was the situation at Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company.

Gartner has more than 11,000 customers in over 90 countries, and over 8,800 employees. Several divisions wanted to run test content syndication campaigns to experiment with new tactics. However, the company’s demand gen system couldn’t accommodate small programs, and pricing was difficult to manage. As a result, requests for test campaigns were being denied, leaving marketing teams unable to test different approaches to content syndication.

Intent signal expert Anteriad developed a custom program to encompass all Gartner’s campaigns — large and small — so they could hit all their demand gen targets while staying on budget. Gartner marketers are now continuously improving their content syndication ROI by running test campaigns and learning from the results using PersonaBase.

Success #5 – IBM upgrades its demand generation

Everyone knows IBM. As the world’s largest technology and consulting employer, it has more than 380,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries, with over $79 billion in annual revenue. Since its founding in 1911, the company has built its brand on impeccable quality. The commitment to excellence behind the old adage “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” remains alive and well, and excellence extends to the company’s choices for its own business solutions. When IBM needed a reliable source for content syndication, they wanted a partner as obsessed with quality as they are. They found that partner in the Anteriad’s PersonaBase, which leverages the power of intent signals to deliver leads worthy of a global technology leader. Anteriad became an IBM “preferred tier-one partner” and today provides PersonaBase to IBM with a 100% delivery rate month after month, resulting in six-figure conversions for IBM.

Success #6 – GE: A global industrial internet leader fuels its ABM demand gen machine

Founded in 2011, GE Power Digital is a leader in industrial internet and utilities technology, with more than 10,000 software engineers hard at work delivering outstanding quality to customers. GE Power Digital wanted to ramp up their ABM demand gen program by extending reach, identifying new contacts, and accelerating qualified leads.

Anteriad worked directly with the GE Power Digital sales team to identify intent signals to target prospects who were primed for contact about their purchase decision. The project included vetting and adding contact information to the enterprise’s database, as well as providing a feedback loop to ensure Sales would embrace the new system and the intent signal methodology.

As a result of implementing the Anteriad InsightBase® solution, GE Power Digital realized:

  • 80% improvement in data quality
  • 75% increase in SAL generation

Success #7 – Spectrum discovers a demand generation blockbuster

Spectrum — the global company behind such household names as HBO, CNN and Turner Broadcasting — has built an empire on the power of entertainment. It’s the world’s third largest media company with $31.3 billion in worldwide revenues. When Spectrum needed a partner for demand gen, only an equally heavyweight provider would do. They found the qualities they wanted with intent signal leader, Anteriad.

Spectrum engaged Anteriad innovation to take demand generation to the next level and optimize sales team efforts. The solution included intent signals based on actual online activity. As a result, Spectrum increased their lead-to-opportunity conversion rate by 30 percent, and Anteriad became the top-performing provider across all the company’s vendors.

Want to add your business to the long list of intent signal and demand gen success stories? That’s what we’re here for. Let’s talk about your challenges and how to solve them. Just call us at 1-888-301-4758.